7 comments on “Tricky Weather

  1. Geneviève says:

    Wisdom is a new Spring, wise woman, we need your wisdom.
    We long for the spring of wisdom to bloom in our hearts, so that, we will survive this dark night of the soul which has gripped humanity.

    Wise woman, you are our spring, bloom for us, teach us, it is the Elders who know.

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    • Oh Genie Gypsy,
      I am stirring a kettle of Stone Soup to warm us, as I fear it is a long journey to reach our collective soul’s rebirth. For some it is as shedding a chrysalis or worn clothing, but others must remake their most basic selves from the clay of their own wrong assumptions. I feel as if we live in a world of Golem animated only by the false words of others.

      We must live as best we can, strong in beauty and love and courage, regardless. Hope or no hope does not matter.


      There are clever, but stupid, old people (Old Farts with a veneer of wisdom that often enough looks like religion)
      who have lived rotten lives, fouling this Earth we all share, and tormenting those within reach, usually family.
      There are cruel, selfish old people filled with hubris that they do not bend or change, demanding obeisance.
      Their children’s children and the children of the misled are sent to do war for the sake of nothing, and they call this nothing Glory.
      Years and age do not necessarily generate wisdom.

      Hope or no hope we must still do the best we can — which you obviously do, Gorgeous Genie Gypsy ❤ ❤ ❤ as you tend your Gardens of Goodness.


    • You are so very kind. And gently wise in your constant encouragement. Thank you.
      Me, not so much. I am not so wise … wise-ass, more like 😀



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