16 comments on “Fire on the Mountain

  1. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    I should like to have a room full of your art.

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    • The background is my hallway floor 🙂 I finished the floor painting with mod podge. Lasts longer than varnish and doesn’t discolor.

      When the boys were little I masking-taped hallways with butcher paper …. excellent drawing surface… Newsprint end rolls are not what they used to be. Too narrow as well as being brittle. Won’t accept all mediums like butcher paper. But Those big rolsl of builders paper are good too (instead). Wonderful with charcoal and white chalk 🙂

      By the by … I like your art, as well In all the different mediums you are adept with. From words to color. Bety you can cook, too 😀


      • Johnny Ojanpera says:

        The floor is beautiful too. I need to get a roll of industrial paper. The girls would love it, and I bet it’s cheaper than paint. Any art on my blog is printable, by the by. My cooking is exclusive to the girls. 🙂

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        • 🙂 But be careful … that paper has surprisingly sharp edges …

          Cooking for a house of girls is tricky. Congratulations are in order if you can do it so that all are pleased. ⭐

          I think Skadi has awakened. Brrrrr .


          • Johnny Ojanpera says:

            Yes, butcher paper can cut and need stitches if you aren’t careful.

            The girls seem to like my cooking. The kids look at me funny when I make vegan dishes, but I stay pretty mainstream most of the time.

            Skadi was awake for a few days here, but it’s warming up again. She probably remembered that there are no mountains here and went back to sleep.

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          • 😀 Supposed to go back north. Over here lots of times we have a frozen Thanksgiving and the azaleas are blooming at Christmas.


          • Congratulations on completing your book. Wow.

            Comment readers: follow Johnny’s gravatar back to his blog. Johnny finished his book and it is available in Kjndle and print.

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        • I am going to post the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE blog post early. I would have put it up, already, but I’m cooking, and will be tomorrow + company, etc., and most likely cooking all night tomorrow and Friday too …. left overs are not to be wasted. I am grateful to be able to have enough bounty to be able to feast. Thank you for all that you have done.

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  2. willowdot21 says:

    This is beautiful!

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