Real Water In Tiny Cups

So daylight
When I flipped
The switch.
And I am here.
I look around,
What do I see?
What has changed?
Was all of
This here,
When I was here,
I am here,
And I am an
Observer, am I
New to this venue?
Or am I merely
Viewing the same
World from
Different vantage?
Tables seem
Much different
From the underside,
Much more private.
There is nowhere
To rudely place
My elbows, and I
Cannot reach the salt.
There is too
Much shadow
On my book,
But I read anyway.
I am too tall
To sit up straight.
One foot keeps
Escaping outside.
The tablecloth,
Ripples around us.
Why did I use
The biggest sheet?
I am playing
House and drinking
Tea with my
Small Granddaughter.
Real water is
In the tiny cups.
This is the most
Delicious tea!
For the third time
I read aloud
I am good at
Animal sounds,
And truck gears,
And motor noises.


6 comments on “Real Water In Tiny Cups

  1. Lisa says:

    How cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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