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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I pray you come again some time. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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  2. Lisa says:

    “It stung like a violent wind that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds
    But I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all”

    -Death Cab for Cutie

    Talk of memory always, always brings me back to this quote.

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    • Oh my, Lisa, your mind does make beautiful, sometimes sad and beautiful, sometimes terrible and beautiful, but beautiful none the less, associations. Thank you for sharing.


      • Lisa says:

        It’s the suffering that’s done it to me. I have to leave something behind me better than what I passed through. No matter what I pass through. My children are walking behind me, for now. ♡

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        • I hope and pray that you and Johnny have passed through the worst of it, already.
          I hope and pray that your children do not encounter suffering from other sources, but if they do:
          May Your Children and their Children be blessed with the strength to get through all hardship and the maturity to learn what can be learned, and still retain their beautiful joyousness and capacity for love — like their MAMA and JOHNNY. XXX


  3. SalvaVenia says:

    Changing memory happens stories … 🙂


    • Changing memory CAUSES stories … ?
      Changing memory CREATES stories …?
      Changing memory RESULTS IN stories?
      CHANGED memory is THE RESULT OF stories …?

      I am a little slow with my understanding, this morning. Which of those is closest to what you meant to say? All might be possibly be true, for many people, at least some of the time. 🙂

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      • SalvaVenia says:

        If we’re talking about past stories, at least that is what I understood from your poem, it is always memory to be addressed what “she” returns, when rememberance tries to recollect. And most probably it’s happenstance, whether your conscience receives a cause, a creation, or a result. 🙂


        • I was cryptic, allowing the reader to infer, based on knowledge of current psychology practices, traditional therapies, propaganda, personal experiences, altered histories, artful use of statistics, beliefs, and so on. I structured the wording as a question, but purposely did not use punctuation 🙂

          Thank you for your comment.

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          • SalvaVenia says:

            Well, I tend to forget the way of thought prevalent outside the Central European mind … 😀 😀 😀


          • Do I have this right? Inside Central Europe thinks one way, like Dusseldorf; and the Rest Of The World thinks another way. For example: The Rest of The World thinks like Ulaanbaatar and Christchurch and even Me?


            My husband says that I do not think. So surely My Not Thinking Mind is not representative of anyone else??????

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          • SalvaVenia says:

            Ha! You pretend to not knowing the vast difference between e.g. English and German thought? Or between Slavish and French thought? And vice versa of all of it? 🙂

            Sad, you won’t know German. Otherwise you might be interested in my post: Zum Verhältnis von Vorstellung und Wort innerhalb der Seele. – Oder: Nur das Deutsche kennt die Ehe zwischen Spiritualität an sich und dem Spirituellen des Gedankens http://salvaveniaxxl.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/zum-verhaltnis-von-vorstellung-und-wort-innerhalb-der-seele-oder-nur-das-deutsche-kennt-die-ehe-zwischen-spiritualitat-an-sich-und-dem-spirituellen-des-gedankens/, i.e. About the Relationship Between Perception and Word Within the Soul.

            BTW, I very much enjoy your vast knowledge about Duesseldorf and the remaining world, especially Mongolia and New Zealand – that’s a really impressive streak … 😀

            And as so far I do not seem to really properly remember of having met your most wise husband or may be not, I won’t take the chance to comment that very last para, otherwise the sky might wreath and havoc upon my humble self (or whatever that might be called in that language spoken somewhere beyond the fairy walls of Duesseldorf …) 🙂


          • This is bizarre. I do not know where your personal idea of Central Europe begins and ends. Are you located in the center of Central?

            There appears to be quite a bit of differences within Central Europe as well as the “… way of thought as is prevalent outside of Central European mind”. Or did you mean to say Europe outside of Central Europe? Anyway Europeans, inside or outside of your “…Central European…” demarcation do not have the same “way of thought”.

            Where does “Central European mind” stop and some other “way of thinking start”? Is there a line, like a political line or linguistic line, or a class line, similar to social or economic or academic status lines? Is there a barrier through which wrong or incomplete thinking will not pass, one way … or the other?

            Generalizations and assumptions about the way of thought of a particular geographic location, perhaps, are a little bit too inclusive?

            It is a mistake to assume because a particular statement or idea or line of reasoning is not contested, that everyone, or in some cases, anyone at all, agrees with postulated generalizations or all of the particulars.

            Thank you for the title of your essay, the link, and also your comments.


          • SalvaVenia says:

            Well, I think I have to handle this with a more serious approach. Kindly accept my apology, if I should have trespassed here and there; be assured that such had not been my intention. For most of it I just imagined this to be a more playful and joyful exchange of words.

            When I said that I tend to forget the way of thought prevalent outside the Central European mind, in our case here I primarily applied this to Germany on the one side and North-America on the other; that is your blog and my blog. And secondly, of course, to Germany and it’s neighbouring cultures. Whereas the different ways of thinking pertain to the respective cultural heritage.

            I really feel sorry you found yourself forced to all those elaborations. Many a thanks for staying along, nevertheless.

            Greetings from (still) Central Europe 🙂


          • I am sorry to disabuse you of another assumption. My blog is not representative of anyone’s thinking, or lack of thinking, except my own. 🙂 Not too much of what is left of my mind, or my minds way of thinking, is expressed here, in these American English and colloquial words.

            Have a pleasant evening.


          • SalvaVenia says:


            You lost me, here, I am afraid. 🙂 Where and when did you got the feeling that I would dare challenging the authenticity of your blog respectively the ownership of this blog’s thought?

            But beyond this matter, the two of us just seem to be the perfect incorporation of my initial statement, aren’t we? 🙂

            Greetings from a sunny autumn day,


          • ????
            Something must be lost in translation.

            Today is the day of the week that I take my Granddaughter to her gymnastics class. She turned four last week on our shared Birthday.

            Today is rainy. After a very dry August, we have had a very wet September. Too much rain and there is no fall foliage color, but also, no fires. Autumn flowers are starting to bloom … lots of people are sneezing from the pollen.


          • SalvaVenia says:

            Autumn, a lovely time of the year. 🙂

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  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    Physicists tell stories through science,
    Philosophers through parables,
    Mystics vibrate their silence.

    Pick your choice, what do you wish to experience “here”.
    But what is here? An intelligent construct to support our perceived reality?

    This reality is based upon polarized, dualistic, creative/ relative projections.
    Does information/ stream of consciousness operate on probability and chance?
    Divine order and logic?

    There are infinite questions, do we still need answers?
    Besides, aren’t answers part of the narrative, hence part of this matrix.
    How do we go beyond our “programming”?

    Myths, memories, magic – all part of the mystery. How fun!
    We can’t think our way out of this existence, the sacred is like that.

    Truth is- the myths, memories, material world- real or not- serves us
    until it doesn’t. The primary point- who are the characters behind the mask.
    How is beauty or ugliness relevant, we possess equal measure of both.

    And finally, virtual Maddie and virtual Bear choose to communicate in cyberspace.
    Do we exist beyond this exchange, beyond the physical, beyond mind, beyond the pale?
    Rationalize that, haha!

    Projections of the ONE are beyond illusion and reality… simply a mystery. 🙂
    C’est la vie, dearest elder. ♥


    • Goodness, I think you are in the same Earthly time zone I am. Havana:-) Bonjour.

      I tried to get my youngest son to respond to your first comment. He wouldn’t, after he read to what it was in response. Then he read my response to yuou, the list of questions, and he answered .. in binary, except when he used qualifiers of “depends on how you define X” or “what you mean by Y” which of course turns it all into semantics. Which is all it is anyway. You like the words “projection” and “holograph”, I prefer manifestation and resonance and aspect to describe where we seem to be now. I don’t know about you, but I am right were I am, whether I like it or not, and should I imagine myself somewhere else, there are plenty of … anchoring devises … to call me back 😀

      Beaucoup de gens ont soit des portions supplémentaires de beauté ou des portions supplémentaires de laid, à l’intérieur et/ou extérieur. Il n’est pas équilibré.

      Ma mère m’a dit que la beauté n’est que superficielle, mais la laideur va tout le chemin jusqu’à l’os.


    • 1EarthUnited says:

      Bonjour madame,
      Mon point est que nous sommes naturellement à la fois, il ya notre point de vue et il ya l’absolu. Beauté et laideur sont liés à notre perspectif.

      I’ve been traveling for the past week, my hours are London time so we may be in sync. 🙂
      Your son is the analytical type, he’s most comfortable with logical responses. Does abstract questions annoy him? Ask him to define beauty, sunrise, love, the color red. Lol, should be fun! 😉

      I like your terminology of manifestation and resonance as a reminder of your true nature, to indicate where you want to be. Our perception of reality may be wholly semantics, because we try to define everything by thoughts and words, it does not paint the actual experience. There’s a lot of subtle interplay lost in translation. Acute sensitivities, feelings, intuition, e.s.p. clairvoyance get suppressed. Vibrational resonance is a good match, in describing the state we’re in.

      Thanks for the song, never heard this one from Loretta, I love it! Have you heard:

      I like this version better, Jimmie Rodgers the yodeling cowboy. Enjoy! ♥


      • Bonjour Belle Mlle Maddie de bon cœur nature

        Oui, la beauté et la laideur sont des termes relatifs. Mais par rapport à l’ensemble, certaines personnes ont une plus grande partie de l’un ou de l’autre. La plupart d’entre nous ont des dons, mais les personnes sont Gifter un peu plus que d’autres. Relativement.

        Londres. Willow est près de vous, si vous n’êtes pas entièrement préoccupé.

        Nope, at 6’4″ Roy does not fit into any “types” at all. He just didn’t want to get in the middle of his mother’s W/P conversation. We did have an oral conversation which was quite fun. The photo is four or five years old. These video that he constructed are a few years old, too. I have used a couple in Themes. 🙂 Hmm, I thought there were more. Oh well. (I removed the link, as I see it was used already).

        “In The Jailhouse” is a slightly different song than “Your The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” different words, subject matter and style… and attitude:-) My husband particularly likes yodeling Western music. It wasn’t done so much for a while, but yodeling to seem to be reviving.

        Thank you, Maddie, good morning.


      • 1EarthUnited says:

        Bonjour mon amie,

        Je me réfère à l’équilibre Yin Yang de l’humanité. La lecture du livre de la Sagesse:
        Il y a dans la Sagesse un esprit intelligent et saint, unique et multiple, subtil et rapide;
        pénétrant, net, clair et intact; ami du bien, vif, irrésistible, bienfaisant, ami des hommes; ferme,
        sûr et paisible, tout-puissant et observant tout, traversant tous les esprits, même les plus
        intelligents, les plus purs, les plus subtils.

        La Sagesse, en effet, peut se mouvoir d’un mouvement qui surpasse tous les autres, elle
        pénètre et traverse toute chose à cause de sa pureté. Car elle est la respiration de la puissance
        de Dieu, le rayonnement limpide de la gloire du Maître souverain; aussi, rien de souillé ne
        peut l’atteindre. Elle est le reflet de la lumière éternelle, le miroir sans tache de l’activité de
        Dieu, l’image de sa bonté. Comme elle est unique, elle peut tout; et sans sortir d’elle-même,
        elle renouvelle l’univers. De génération en génération, elle se transmet à des âmes saintes,
        pour en faire des prophètes et des amis de Dieu.

        Car Dieu n’aime que celui qui vit avec la Sagesse. Elle est plus belle que le soleil, elle
        surpasse toutes les constellations; si on la compare à la lumière du jour, on la trouve bien
        supérieure, car le jour s’efface devant la nuit, mais contre la Sagesse le mal ne peut rien. Elle
        déploie sa vigueur d’un bout du monde à l’autre, elle gouverne l’univers avec douceur.

        Hey that’s good to know, I vaguely remember Willow residing nearby the English countryside.
        I’m working on a new ad campaign this week, my second photo shoot with the H2 fitness club
        in Soho, London. Wrapped up today so I’m free for the weekend. 😀

        U’r right, in actuality nobody can be “typed” categorically, but we all have predispositions. Wow he’s tall, I’m 6′ 2 on bare feet and my brother is 6′ 5. Most of my friends are over 5′ 10, my parents noted that every successive generation have been taller, probably due to better nutrition and partially genetic advancement due to diversity.

        I checked out Roy’s channel, he has some good videos, keep adding to it because I’m sure his musical range has expanded since then.

        Oops, sorry I wasn’t clear, I wasn’t comparing this version of “Jailhouse” with “Kids are ugly”, although they both have country roots, Jimmie Rodgers is more of a Blues singer. I meant I liked version 2 better than his original, which was featured in the movie, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” Here, you judge for yourself. I love them all BTW, yodeling is awesome:

        Enjoy the weekend Bear.♥


        • Are you reading du livre de la Sagesse in French? Or Le livre de Salomon or Le livre de Salomon or Le Cantique de Salomon or Le Cantique des Cantiques? Or maybe ΣΟΦΊΑ ΣΑΛΩΜΩΝ, which you translate into French??? Or are you reading an English translation which you translate to French? Old Testament, Apocrypha, or an isolated text?

          Of course there are lots of other folk in London 🙂 if it is awkward to catch up with Willow. Probably she has retired for tonight, as you probably have, also. In fact is already morning, for you and me.

          H2 fitness club I know nothing about 🙂 I shall assume you are quite fit 🙂 already.

          Isn’t London, ands surrounds, the largest metropolitan area in the world now? I imagine there is always good music there, somewhere. 🙂

          Genetic diversity? Genetic diversity doesn’t necessarily lead to tall. Diversity lends genetic OPTIONS.

          Can you yodel? 🙂 🙂

          I hope that you also have a good weekend, Maddie.


  5. 1EarthUnited says:

    Artificial Intelligence


    • What do think, beautiful Maddie?
      Are artificial memories real?
      Are all memories artificial?
      Can the past be altered simply by changing stories?
      Do observations change everything that is observed?
      Is everything aware of being observed?
      Is awareness an artificial construct?
      Is DNA memory?
      Is memory an artificial construct?
      Is a fictional book, unlikely but possible in the past, recorded in DNA, still fiction?
      Is DNA alive?
      Are myths real?
      Are primal memories real?
      Are archetypes fiction?
      Are epigenetics memory?
      What do you think, beautiful Maddie?



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