Coyotes Eat The Sky

Sand is raining
In a flooded desert
Parched ice storms
Scream hot desires
Tomorrow heralds
Dawns arrival with
Darkness and more darkness
Unknowable darkness
The stars have
All fallen
Neutrinos passing
Through all ways
All the dreams
Were undreamed
In sleepless
Darkest nights
The moon has
Been eaten
Bite by
Darkening bite
Blackened phases
Out of sync
With the months
That never pass
But are now gone
All gone
With the years
With the children
Birthed as glorious
Ideas now no longer
Young have become
War crippled old men
Older than I
And I am ancient
The Mother of Time
Mated to Death
Alone in the darkness
Of an enlightenment
That never comes
That never was
Singing starvation
With coyotes eating
Away at the sky
Bite by empty bite
Bear … 09.20.2014


7 comments on “Coyotes Eat The Sky

  1. Okay this reminds me of a Native American myth–no surprise there.
    My first thought was—these starving coyotes need to find their way to Central Park in NYC asap—yes, there are coyotes already there–and get their mojo working. Think about it. Hi.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Great imagery.

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