SEEK — Music Themes

What do you SEEK? What are you looking for? Will you know when you find it?
4min. 29sec.

Do you SEEK the divine? Is the divine SEEKING you? Are your ideas about what is divine the same as other people’s ideas about divine?
SEEKER DIVINE — Hagalaz’ Runedance

What do you SEEK with your heart,  with your actions?  מרנא תא
Maranatha – Wikipedia
11min. 26 sec.

What are we looking for when we SEEK to open Pandora’s Box? Is there some knowledge that should be forbidden? Why? Or is it hurried and lazy or greedy applications, WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF CONSEQUENCES, that should be avoided?

Can we ever know enough to SEEK ,to know more than echoes, shadows? Can we ever SEEK to know what is beyond that which is veiled in clouds? What is on the other side of cosmic clouds? Is the essence of beauty the same in all of the cosmos?
ECHOES —- Pink Floyd
16min. 39sec.

Is it fear that we must first overcome when we SEEK to learn what is beyond our current understandings?
JOURNEY BEYOND — C. Nolan —Interstellar
7min. 42sec.

Is it an act wisdom to SEEK the Apocalypse? Do not all paths lead to One? Are there not infinite possibilities in the Mind of God? Is it wise to SEEK the Apocalytic path we have been warned against? Should not everyone avoid instigating strange wars bereft of honor, fought for vengeance, selfishness, misunderstandings, madness and fury, personal gain or profit, and forced but false loyalties, the loyalty of fear?
APOCALYPSE  — Bear McCreary — Battle Star Galactica Orchestra

Who or what is a Soul SEEKER?  Do you SEEK the SEEKER that SEEKS you?  Is this all that our small minds can perceive; illusion, shadows  and veils?
SOULSEEKER — Illusions — Thomas Bergersen

What must we SEEK to escape in this life?  What must we SEEK to accomplish in this life?  What must we SEEK to preserve in this life?
ESCAPE TO INDIA — Kundun —Kaneda —  Phillip Glass

Maddie has chosen SPACE as our next Music Theme.


Lisa:   Music Theme – Seek | Underground Energy
I SOUGHT something else, but this music is what I found.  I’m glad that sometimes I find something that I do not SEEK.
LOW ESTATE — 16 Horsepower
49min. 38 sec. — Full Album




25 comments on “SEEK — Music Themes

  1. Terry Oldfield lyrics and music by and Mike Oldfield. Shadow Dancer


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hi Bear, I was listening to your selections over the long weekend, the music led me to a state of serene introspection. The first 3 tracks were familiar and transitioned me into this pensive mood. Then I experienced Pandora’s Music Box! It was a soothing transport vehicle to another dimension, I like the arrangement, reminiscent of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

    Somehow the “right” music sought after me, non-linear non-ordinary reality keeps altering my state of consciousness. My perspectives shift with infinite velocity and return to the singularity. Have you listened to Tubular Bells Original Score? It’s quite the fantastic journey.
    Pink Floyd, like Lisa – I’m gone – cosmic surfing/ Lucy in the sky w/ diamonds. 🙂

    The Journey Beyond lends itself quite nicely with the Space theme, seekers will get the message… great for Sci-Fi soundtrack. Imagination and beyond.

    Life affirming, conscious expanding warning from the BattleStar Galactica Orchestra, Apocalypse should be a revelation for those who seek the destructive path to gain illusory power.

    The Soulseeker track reminds me of medieval sin eaters performing macabre rituals for the dead… don’t ask me why.

    Escape to India is otherworldly. Tibetan chanting is mesmerizing in the beginning, then seeking is unnecessary, no escape, where to go? Tathāgata… तथागत.

    Thanks for introducing 16 Horsepower, serendipity is magic, and so is this album! I’m digging the tracks, road-tripping with my friends to Cape Cod & the tunes were awesome. All this and The Reverend Horton Heat… ready, steady, go!


  3. I am loving the Battle Star Galactica Orchestra all the way to the Apocalypse. Truly. Seeker Divine Runedance is right up my alley also. Now that demands some serious full body dancing indeed. U2–a song trying to reach a level beyond ‘pop’ for the masses.
    Soulseeker—oh yeah–I’m up for Big Sounds today.
    Several pieces require watching on the tubes of you atm not venturing there.
    I note that Maddie has chosen Space–ahhhh mayhap sweet tune playing more again. All kinds of space—that is touching a cord for me.
    Hi Bear.


    • YOU chose SPACE for October 1, 2013. 😀 I am including a link to your and also Willow’s blog posts on that topic, in my SPACE for next Thursday. Perhaps you have in mind to post again? I am gonna use some selections that I already used, again, after all, we already did this last year. But that was before the time of these participants.

      Hello Eva 😀


  4. Lisa says:

    Excellent! I can’t wait to watch the videos this afternoon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • For the lengthier videos have the time (duration) just above the clip. The last one is the entire album of almost 50 minutes.


      • Lisa says:

        I wasn’t sure I could say this message without full links of backup. It would be like writing a journalist piece without references. (Just my thinking)


      • Lisa says:

        What I mean to say is, I get why you would put such pieces up. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lisa, you have the sweetest, kindest heart, that is possible.

          I imagine that the only things that truly rile your fury are dishonesty, betrayal, and all that is unfair by design.

          How fortunate I am to have your tenderness touch me.

          Thank you.


          • Lisa says:

            That is true. You read me correct. That says quite a bit your character as well. Thank you for the compliment and I am truly honored to have you as a friend. I still hope to drink coffee with you and have a discussion in real life one day. I seek that too. 😉 I love you very much. ♡


          • Lisa says:

            Hugs back 😉 XXX


          • Lisa says:

            Okay. Synopsis: I think you know my opinion on U2. 😉 I almost used that song.
            Seeker Divine was perfectly, beautifully peaceful
            Maranatha was an education for me. A good substantial education.

            Pandora’s Box was very dark and I would think that yes, some knowledge should be forbidden from some and not others. I suppose it would depend on each of our individual gifts. I need to learn things that others do not and vice versa. I very much believe in an open operating system and I let myself be guided by my intuition. If my intuition says no, then I generally head in a different direction, but I firmly believe because my intuition says no to me does not mean that it is so for another.

            I skipped echoes because if I put it on then I am gone and that’s that. However, I am very familiar with it and I adore that piece. I have been beyond the cosmic clouds three times and have learned three different lessons. Back to the open operating system, I don’t talk about it because it could be completely different for someone else.

            Apocalypse was powerful and I must say that I agree with you 100% on this one.

            I cannot fully answer the questions on the Nazarene as I am still in the middle of fully learning and understanding this lesson and the discipline in and of itself is overwhelming.

            Soulseeker brought me a peace beyond understanding. Also with Escape to India. this is a lesson that is still forming in my mind that has not yet reached a maturity of that level and I am excited to absorb information so that I might grow to understand.

            I will leave the full concert for tomorrow so that I can watch Maddie’s videos and my children are melting down. Thank you again for this wonderful, insightful experience.


          • That is one of the most amazing and complete comments I’ve ever read. Thank you, Lisa.


          • Lisa says:

            Welcome. 🙂


  5. […] sure to check out these themers: Bear  Lisa […]


  6. willowdot21 says:

    What can I say!


  7. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hi Bear, I am going to enjoy digging through this treasure trove tomorrow! ♥♥♥
    For next week, I would like to explore Space as a theme, it could cover inner or outer space, our privacy or personal space, the space between two people, spatial awareness/ distortions.
    Be well. 🙂



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