Gray Water

I fear that
You have gone
Or become flat
I’ve searched
And searched
Under the floor
Behind my eyes
I’ve wandered
In your dreams
You fill
Entire rooms
Acres of land
But where
You are
You are not
I see your
Strong back
Your heavy shoulders
I see your
Beautiful hands
Working building
Filling today
With empty walls
I search
For your eyes
But they shift away
As you blink
The iridescent
Skink’s tail
Slides under
And away
Behind your ear
The skink watches
Intently from
Your parted hair
I cannot find
You eyes
I cannot find
Your gaze
Almost I see
A shadow where
You stand bright
In a patch
Of sunlight
The light moves
All is shadow
You are gone
A summer mirage
Why do I search
In the gray water
You are not there
Among the
Bamboo roots
I surrender
And return to
My small room
My books
More books
Than air
Walls of books
Shelves of books
The memories
The works
Of others
Some the work
Of friends
Of family
And I find
What is left
Of myself
Tucked in
My notebooks
In a row
Dated closed
Hope hidden
Ashamed to wish
For what
Cannot be
Half filled
With only
A notebook
Lies open
Waiting for you
To emerge
From lint
Love born
From paper
Where you
Are not flat
Two dimensions
I wave away
Shadows flitting
Movement just
Out of sight
Peripheral darkness
Turning my head
I see a door
Close the knob
Turns silently
A sliver of
Light turn dark
We dare not
Speak aloud
What is real
True intent
I see shadows
And skinks
Slipping away
Tails disappear
Between pages
The gray water
Drains feeding
My bamboo
That I must
Constantly prune
So that I do
Not destroy
Your regard
Bear … 08.16.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014

11 comments on “Gray Water

  1. Nancy says:

    I like it. Also the photo of you in the hat. 🙂


  2. yeoldefoole says:


    Liked by 1 person


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