REMEMBER — Music Themes

Johnny chose REMEMBER as our Music Theme for this week.
Lisa has chosen LET IT GO as our next theme.
REMEMBERING the past can bring one full circle, not only once, but many times.
5.58 minutes

Can what is not understood be REMEMBERED?
3.37 minutes

Must we be in the midst of war to REMEMBER there are better ways to solve differences of opinion than killing and fighting.?
5.09 minutes

When we REMEMBER back as far as we can REMEMBER, we come to the Creation Of first Man
Kahiko – Halau Hula O Kawailiula
9.22 minutes

REMEMBERING one’s culture lends grounding through historical ethnic roots. We must all REMEMBER that everyone has a personal and gentetic history which are unique within the national history.
Πυρρίχη, Σέρα χορός, Δαμιανός Κ.Χαραλαμπίδης
5.38 minutes

Who will be REMEMBERED as protectors of our Earth? Angels? Warriors? Governments? Ourselves?
2.52 minutes

REMEMBER to guard your health. It is possible to live without health, but it is a lot easier and more fun with a healthy body. also REMEMBER  that to live as a human being, a beating heart is required.
8.25 minutes

Peregrinatio is a pilgrimage or roaming absence or a searching journey. What memories does Perigrinatio evoke in your REMEMBRANCE? Is not one’s entire life peregrination?
5.14 minutes

Johnny:  Music Theme – …
Lisa:        Music Theme – …
Maddie:  ♪”Remember …

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Ascuns –ⓒ Bearspawprint 2013

Sometimes it is difficult to REMEMBER that there is a hidden lifetime, a hidden portal to the infinite, in each person that we meet, each person that we care for, and each person that we pass by.
The Bread Winners: Roma & Sinti of Europe
REMEMBER that no matter what your circumstances, music can help to transform and transcend.
Taraf de Haidouks


40 comments on “REMEMBER — Music Themes

  1. cindy knoke says:

    You just blew away.


    • Are you in the middle of the ocean or are you flying high above?
      Your sense of responsibility to readers is amazing. thank you for sharing so much of your self with you photography and comments and lovely little (easily read sized) descriptions. The presentation of your works is a mitzvah to all of us, from you.
      Thank you, cindy, for so much of your time and attention. Thank you.


  2. Lisa says:

    I was hoping maybe they would 😉


  3. […] Bear, Maddie, Johnny, Willow and everyone […]


  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    I love Loreena’s soothingly melodic voice and memorable lyrics. War no more is brilliant, artists around the world uniting for peace movement has finally come of age. I’ve been listening to Playing For Change for several years now, their message of hope and world peace is inspiring and fun. One Love, and John Lennon’s Imagine are notable covers.
    This is not the traditional greek dance I’m familiar with, I’ve attended a few Greek weddings and witnessed elements of this ancient dance. 🙂

    So awesome, I remember attending a Japanese drumming show years ago, the performance was called Lords of the Drum, very dynamic and unforgettable. They seem to be in a rhythmic self induced trance, there’s a certain level of subconscious entrainment going on with the audience as well, like our collective memories surfacing. Great stuff!

    Bear, did you draw that prostrating ascetic adept?

    Wonderful surprises indeed, to see how international music is, used as a unifying force for peace and love – that’s THE message we all need to re-member! Well it’s so great to join with you lovely people every week and explore our inner themes together. Be well♥


    • The “prostrating ascetic adept” I drew from a photo taken by Cindy Knoke and can be seen, with some others here: The Bread Winners: Roma & Sinti of Europe. If this is not a link, then the same words beneath the drawing are a link to the original photos and explanation(s). Roma are Gypsy. Cindy publishes, on her blog, about once per week, some of her beautiful photographs. Birds, flowers, landscapes, architecture and other scenery from her travels …. beautiful work that she does just for the beauty and fun of it. The language of the poem is Romanian
      Pe cine vezi?
      Cine sunt eu?
      Acest lucru nu este de mine.
      Eu sunt departe.


    • Do you think that entrainment occurs in all music?

      Groups chanting and/or performing similar movements find themselves altering consciousness in particular directions. Studies have shown that peoples brains start function in sync when playing music together. That is one of the aspects of group communication that makes it so pleasurable to play music together. When I was a child I was able to play my violin with the community orchestra with a virtuosity I could not duplicate solo. That same communication takes place in choirs and bands and other musical groups and dancers and armies and in dojos and rioting masses and focused mobs and schools and madrassas and feng shui and advertisers and mothers singing lullabies to babies all take advantage of how entrainment works. Or do you think it is something else?



      • 1EarthUnited says:

        Yes, I do believe in the most positive sense that entrainment occurs as our minds naturally syncopate with sounds that we identify with, thus forming deeper connections with other people. That’s probably why catchy jingos work so well in advertising, a large part may be subconscious.
        I agree with your assessment, perhaps certain frequencies help lower our defenses and be more open to the experience, like trance music, when the whole club vibes as a single entity of oneness. It’s all about feeling that connection with life itself. Take care Bear. 😉


        • “…like trance music, when the whole club vibes as a single entity of oneness … ” I think this is beyond my more recent experiences — the last 20 years or so. What means one thing to me, might (or might not) mean something a wee bit different to you.
          trance music = is this a genre?
          whole club = surely not the sandwich?
          vibes as a single entity = I just had the image of a giant centipede doing Irish céilí dancing …. 😀
          of oneness = All paths do lead to One, but the time of arrival may be delayed, sometimes for a lifetime, or longer, via intoxicants and other forms of illusion.


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            Lol, you are hilarious! I’m sure we’re on the same page, trance/ psytrance music is suppose to induce altered state of consciousness, spin off- evolution of “house” or club music. The underground dance scene from the 90’s to mid 2000s are called “raves” and the music is mixed heavily with techno, electronica, trance, industrial, classical beats, drum n bass, jazzstep & recently dub, dubstep and glitch/ mob aka “there’s a glitch in the matrix” dropped syncopated disconnected beats.

            Of course mere explanation is meaningless, it’s easier to pop an E and experience it.
            Raves are still happening in Europe, not so much in the states. Here’s the idea:

            … the idea of a giant centipede doing Irish céilí dancing is psychedelically aligned with psytrance 🙂 See ya on the dance floor!


          • OK. I have watched some of what you describe on You Tube taking place in (mostly) Eastern Europe, and Oz, Canada, “festivals”. So psytrance happens in NYC nightclubs?


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            I don’t think so, it’s mostly a Euro thing. I haven’t been to a rave since my teenage yrs and local dance clubs are fairly traditional. I am learning the Tango, just to keep it fresh.
            Young ppl are attracted to trance because it allows them to free their minds if only for the moment. It’s a form of active meditation like OSHO proposed, whirling and free dance to disengage the mind and tune into the body. I find any form of dance helps with awareness, using trance music to break the societal trance/ programming. It’s all in good fun. 🙂


          • Oz = Australia
            I do look forward to seeing how you interpret LET IT GO. I am always amazed at how differently all of us experience the same words. 🙂


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            Wonderful, the roots are Irish step dancing.. and has evolved/ devolved into Rave dance shuffle lol. 😉


          • M’thinks the connections are a bit beyond The Pale.


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            LOL, yes it’s a stretch, use u’r wonderful imagination! 😛


    • Horon (dance) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Pontic Greek – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Dunno if these will come through as links, if not just do a Google search for Horon or Pontic.

      I am sorry to have not replied specifically to your comment about the dance, sooner.

      You are correct, it is not the more well known Sirtaki, but yes, it does have some of the same elements. You have a good eye, Maddie. 🙂


  5. Lisa says:

    This is excellent. We’re feeling sick with a nasty cold today so we’re a bit flattened, but this post is excellent.


  6. willowdot21 says:

    wonderful, especially the LOREENA MCKENNITT xxxx



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