TRANSITIONS — Music Themes

Maddie chose the theme TRANSITIONS
Johnny has chosen REMEMBER as our next theme. You are invited to participate.
Pre-history TRANSITIONS into the present in our perceptions, while conflicts and beliefs having their origin before known memory, continue to be debated through scholarship and fought over with foolish war.
Hannahannah, Az Anyaistennő éneke — Andras Tovishati

TRANSITION can be a state of spirit. Nothing is completely static, but always in a state of TRANSITION.
SONG OF THE STARS –—  Dead Can Dance

We are the stars which sing
We sing with our light;
We are the birds of fire,
We fly over the sky.
Our light is a voice;
We make a road for the
Spirit to pass over.
We are like the wind,
Wrapped, wind light,
Make a way
For the spirits to pass over,
For the spirits to move on.
Outo, ba ou Mwen son,
And Outo, ba ou Mwen son,
And Tanbouye,
Or ba ou Mwen son,
Soley levers. Outo,
Give me your sound,
Outo, give me your sound,
Drummer, give me your sound,
The sun rises.
Night darkness and sleep TRANSITIONS to day wakefulness with awareness of our Creator’s blessings.
Wi n’ de Ya ho —  Cherokee Morning Song — Walela

TRANSITION of the annual rebirth as season TRANSITIONS to season, each in succession.
PERSEPHONE— Dead Can Dance — Lisa Gerrard

Culture is in TRANSITION.
MUSICA MAYA —-   Xitotepec

The unknown future is all TRANSITION
JOURNEY BEYOND — C. Nolan —Interstellar

Human bodies TRANSITION as they age, preparing us for another TRANSITION.
Rainstorms In My Knees — Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Death is a TRANSITION that we all will experience.
Oh Death — Tim Erikson


Lisa : Lisa’s
Johnny : Johnny
Madie: ♪”TRANSITIONS&#82 …
Willow:  Music Theme : …
TRANSITION of life to death, and the mundane hard work of daily life, TRANSITIONS to the transcendent though music
Requiem – Mozart KV 626   Gregory Carreño Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela — Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir of Venezuela



33 comments on “TRANSITIONS — Music Themes

  1. John says:

    You always have such a wonderfully, eclectically diverse selection of music. I have discovered many songs I’ve not heard before. I had to rush online and listen to all that I could find by “Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.” Wonderful!


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Good evening Bear, just wanted to confirm, is this week’s theme “remember” or “remembering”? Thanks.


  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Wonderful transitions from genre to artist selection, I love it, esp. the native tribal songs of the Mayan and Cherokee Nation, I get a strong organic vibe/ connection with mother Earth. Definitely need to add these lovely tracks to my Ipod and have a peaceful morning listen. Many thanks once again for sharing your vision, I see u’r quite taken with “O Death” a cool folk song with many “incarnations”, the oldest original lyrics date back to early 16th century America!
    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir is really growing on me, can’t beat that pulsing banjo riff with a stick, lol. Real funky like mountain motown hybrid, ok I’ll stop now. 😉 G’night Yall♥


    • What can I say? Walela and Musica Maya have more songs on You Tube as well as CDs. I do like Tim Erikson’s resonate voice, and it tickles me when the camera person expands the view and you see that Tim is up a tree 🙂

      Do you feel the weather in your bones?


      • 1EarthUnited says:

        Thx for the recommendations, I will listen further. Tim seems quite grounded fiddling up in that tree, lol, great shot. Me thinks the weather should stay outside where it belongs, I’ll keep my bones high and dry for the time being. 😉

        Here’s a song with similar tempo & twang, have a listen ☼


        • Many people, whether due to injury, disease, wear and tear, or just the way they are made, feel the weather change not only in their sinuses, but in their joints and bones. Without looking at the sky or watching a weather report, some of us can predict the weather with our bodies. Usually it is uncomfortable to downright painful. That is what my question was about 🙂 That is what the RAINSTORMS IN MY KNEES lyrics and blues is about. In the song it is he (or someone) lamenting getting old and hurting and wearing out. … “I look in the mirror and it ain’t me” … has several possibilities, but by association seems to be aging.

          I am glad your bones are high and dry, and I hope they stay that way, always. 🙂 🙂


          Interesting. Thx. Perry a much younger and lighter feel. Unusual lyrics. Somewhat similar, and also very different, to my peculiar ear:-)


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            Yes I am familiar with the expression, pain caused by the change in atmospheric (low) pressure, I took a course in meteorology. 😉
            I’ve always related blues to psychological and emotional pain, this adds another dimension to it. Your assessment makes sense, lamenting age, death, feeling the blues in one’s bones… heavy stuff! I do plan to keep my bones healthy, lol, thanks very much. 🙂
            I find living/ eating a healthy raw vegan lifestyle keeps me in good shape and spirit. I’m happy to report that my grandparents, who are in their 70s, adopted raw eating and their bursitis, aches and pains went away, Yay!
            I have to conclude that the Blues are only a state of mind, just as the body is only a physical reflection of our “holographic” state of being.

            Namaste dear one♥


          • It is my thought that not everyone is responsible which body or which ever circumstances they are born into or many life describing of the circumstances later imposed which in various ways impact all of us or perhaps only a few. No one chose for their mother’s to take Thalidomide while pregnant, for example. Our “holographic” state of being does not necessarily manifest in the bodies we occupy. In terms of spirit and aura and intelligence and grit and character and so on, some are more gifted with blessings and potential, within this particular life, than others, as well.

            I’m glad your grandparents have found a diet that is available and works for them. I hope it is beneficial to you also, and that you are fortunate enough for your preferred products to be available every day. What has happened to the in between generation? Do you mind if I ask how old you are? You seem to have a wonderfully youthful outlook.

            Not everyone has the same nutritional requirements. That is actually one more of our blessings. We are each so very unique, in every aspect of our being, yet we can have compassion and in many cases allow ourselves to feel empathy with those who seem so very different, and with different needs, and desires.

            Different nutritional needs sometimes require entirely different lifestyles in order to acquire the needed foods. Did you know there are some people who MUST eat venison in order to remain healthy? Venison is not available with the out of season fresh vegetable from another hemisphere, or the coconut products from Borneo, in most chain grocery providers. There are also some people who merely prefer it, along with, fresh homegrown duck eggs, and fresh year ’round organic non-GMO heirloom vegetables … but not everyone has access to these things. But not because the “holographic reflection” that might be our bodies is deficient, but because, perhaps, they are children, or because the circumstances of their lives require they accept other or different sustenance.

            Blues music, to me, as TRANSITIONING, something that is in common to all humans, to musical expression. I like it. I like it a lot. 🙂

            I also like coffee that has been cooked, dried, and stored. The fresh raw beans don’t taste good to me. I use teas that have been dried also. I like granulated cane sugar and half and half in my coffee. Many years none of these were available to me, as they are now. I still like them. I abstained from these ingredients, in all forms, for a few years, just to see if there were noticeable benefits, to me. Nay. Nada. There are noticeable deterrent health effects for these ingredients for my husband, though. Within a few minutes. Yet it was more difficult for him to withdraw than me, I just quit to keep him company. Perhaps it was easier for me because I was blessed with knowing, in the end, that I don’t have to abstain for health reasons. I was doing it as a gift.

            I also use all sorts of dried legumes, rice, and desiccated spices, and various flours, also. I find that storage of fresh out of season vegetable is difficult and therefore requires frequent travel using fossil fuels in my car (now think of what is required to make and maintain a car), we do have a hay burner (horse), but the roads are not equine friendly, all the way to shopping areas, in my area, to get to the retail market distributer; with all of the background work and people and international shipping, treaties, protection from pirates, etc. Also, there are no equine parking areas. 🙂 Anyway … I just can’t fault someone who doesn’t have all of the advantages that I do, nor do I feel that everyone has to have a perfect diet or attitude, all of the time, according to what I think of as best. Other folk have different ideas about that. Even the potential enlightenment is unique for each person, because we are people, each in different circumstances, while in our current lives.

            We are so blessed. So very blessed in so many ways. Thank you for your thought provoking reply.
            Thering Wangmo

            As for myself, I am comfortable in the “Blues” state of mind …


          • 1EarthUnited says:

            Bear, thx for your very comprehensive response! I agree wholeheartedly that every individual is unique in their own way, and our physical manifestation does depend on our circumstances and choices, some beyond our control. Diet does depend upon the availability from our environment or location. I’m 26 living in NYC and have access to fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs year round. I can afford to eat optimally for my body type and I do feel grateful for the abundance bestowed upon me. I understand this diet is not for everyone, and some body types require meat protein to thrive. I have no rigid belief system/ agenda about diet at all, just sharing my personal experience. I am familiar with those exceptional people who drank, smoked, ate refined foods and lived healthily over 100. Hey we are all unique!
            When I refer to our “holographic” projection of self, it’s just new age jargon regarding our psychological outlook or perspective on life. We create a world view which influences our behavior and choices which directly shape our physical, mental and spiritual beingness.
            Again we share the same thoughts about leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. I don’t drive, walk everywhere locally and prefer to shop seasonal produce from local sustainable farms.
            One aspect of enlightenment entails seeing things just the way they are, without distortion from personal beliefs, judgement, or ideals.
            We certainly are blessed, how wonderful to communicate and express ourselves so fully, without borders, prejudices, politics or even language to spoil the experience. It begs the question, are we virtually… real?
            As for me, I’m in a “New York” state of mind. Namaste 🙂


          • theburningheart He has a fun gravatar and an interesting site. Hsin Hsin Ming: the Book of Nothing by Sosan seemed awfully familiar, but I have now read the on-line version at the ink you provided. I also explored the site. Looked at the reading list… I’ve read quite a few of the listed books. I also read all of the other page:


          • I have read some about holographic projection as a state of being or as an idea of how the universe is. If you put your mind in a certain place, it will appear true. If you move over a little bit, it no longer works as a theory of everything. But it does work as a theory of some things.

            I was too hot today, damned MS is being bothersome. Please excuse me for now.

            Beam me up Scotty!!!


  4. Lisa says:

    This is amazing! Our whole family is around the computer right now watching your videos. I love how you are able to give a complete overview. All the music is new to me except Dead can Dance and I have been a long time fan of them. It’s all very soothing. It melted everything away. I hope in time I can learn to just calm down and go with the flow. Maybe when I unwind from being shell shocked. This music theme is very nice.


  5. […] Wish you were here, Glad you are here, Bear! […]


  6. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    …will be back later this evening to listen. Glad you made it. 🙂


    • Johnny Ojanpera says:

      Beautiful. Have you ever heard the rumor that Jim Morrison is the lead singer for Dead Can Dance? Song Of The Stars is one such song that really sounds like him. I don’t think it’s true, but certainly compelling.

      You covered the whole thing here. Pre-life to death. I am now more relaxed and at ease with the world after your wonderful picks. The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir is awesome. I love the blues more than coffee. 🙂


      • I had the name of the singers for this, but I lost track of the link. Not Morrison. Though he probably was an influence. Lisa Gerrard sings with lots of others since Dead Can Dance disbanded (pun intended) again, and tries on all sorts of genre’, with her own personal style undiluted. Several bands/groups/singers seem to be influenced by Lisa. She also does movie scores(The Whale Rider) and concerts. Not bad for someone from Oz. 🙂

        I like the name Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir almost as much as the music. Dunno about liking blues more than coffee… Can’t I indulge both simultaneously?


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