ESSSENTIAL — Music Themes

Our Music theme this week is: ESSENTIAL.
Is it ESSENTIAL that we all like the same things?

Is romantic love ESSENTIAL?
LOVERS — House of Flying Daggers—Kathleen Battle — Shigeru Umebayashi

Can ESSENTIAL freedoms be maintained or crafted within new or even forced allegiances and frameworks?
THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY — Dead Can Dance — Lisa Gerrard

Is rain water ESSENTIAL?
THEY CAN MAKE IT RAIN BOMBS— Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Is mining Mother Earth’s body ESSENTIAL?

Is retribution ESSENTIAL ?

SAA MAGNI — Oumou Sangare

Lisa: Music Theme – …
Johnny: Essential – Music …
Maddie :   ♪”Essential&#8221 …

Lisa has chosen TRANSITIONS for next week’s theme.
I shall be away from the computer for a while. please forgive me for m absence.
…And fun? Is fun Essential?
DANCE ALL NIGHT WITH A BOTTLE IN YOUR HAND — Chance McCoy and The Appalachian String Band



6 comments on “ESSSENTIAL — Music Themes

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hi Bear, sorry I was late with the comments and post, just caught up with work and finally have some “me” time to delve into the vast richness that is your post! Lovely selections, I especially enjoy how you explore the roots of this musical theme. Thanks for introducing me to Wassoulou traditional Nigerian music, primal tones♥ I’ll have a second listen tomorrow morning, goodnight!


    • Please don’t feel bad. It is just for fun, not an obligation or requirement or assignment. There is the whole week to post and/or work on the next one. Lisa posted the new theme, Transitions, on her blog post. Great minds …, etc. 🙂 I have some elderly relatives with a crises, so I may be away from the computer for a while. I’m not gone yet, but getting ready. Please forgive my absence if I am unable to partipate.

      There was a crises last winter, and I was gone for a month, but had to return, leaving the old folks in the lurch because my husband had a crises. If it is not one thing, etc etc, you know. “Life gets teejus”, as Doc Watson has said. 🙂

      Are you a musician?


      • 1EarthUnited says:

        Sorry to hear about u’r relatives, I’m sure they came to the right person for help. U’r absolutely right, these themes sure are fun to kick around. We’ll miss u’r presence of course, will hold the musical fort down ’till u’r return 😉
        I’m really enjoying Ruby Friedman’s song, and Chance McCoy’s old timey bluegrass folk, thanks for the introduction!
        Yes it’s always something, lol, life’s little joke of reminding us what we’re all here for. Doh! 😮
        No not a professional, an aficionado with a taste for interesting music. I see Johnny’s quite the renaissance man, have you heard his compositions?
        Have a safe trip and enjoyable summer!


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