To escape this mess

Which replenishes

Itself expanding

In exponential

Doubling lives

That kill

I shall interrupt

And digress

And drink coffee

And swing my feet

While sitting on

The bulldozed porch

Of your memory house

Or in the ashes

Of my ancient

Burned Tangerine Tree

Or relaxing reposed

In the Aspen Grove

That hides

Quaking shimmering

Under side-walks

And grocery stores

I shall speak to you

Or no one and jabber

Adult nonsense

Hello I am fine as

I pretend not to weep

You will recognize me

By the smile in my eyes

As I sit trapped

On the floor entralled

By children

Drowning in laughter

I cannot rise

Above such moments

Which are

Eternity preserved

Bear … July 2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014



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