Summer — Music Themes

Lisa has chosen the new theme for Thursday:  “I was thinking distance. I have much to say about that. ”

Csillag-Ős — The Moon And The Nightspirit with guest vocalists Catarina Raposo of Dwelling, Saskia Dommisse of Poets to their Beloved, and Alessandra Santovito of Hexperos

Hungarian and Portuguese and Dutch and Italian

Summer, Vivaldi Recomposed — Max Richter — Daniel Hope — Orchestra L’arte del Mondo Rostock, 2013

Faun — Iduna

We have already passed the solstice and though the heat is still building, here in the Northern hemisphere, we are headed towards autumn and harvests. Fist, and in some cases, second cuttings of hay have already been done and many hot crops (water melons) have been harvested already. Second plantings have been done. Mid-summer hottest stuff growing.. beans, okra, peanuts, sweet potatoes, tobacco … and it’s a hot summer …

Berta, Berta  —  Branford Marsalis  —The Piano Lesson 1990 — August Williams  —  Charles S. Dutton – Courtney B. Vance – Carl Gordon – Lou Myers

The insect noises in the piece sound just like the noises of hot summer where I live. the lyrics are inviting a prisoner’s sweetheart to find a good man, not in prison, and to go ahead and marry and to have a good life before it is too late. While the prisoners on the chain gang sweat and work and chant/sing.

Faun — Unda

What is summer without water, without waves? And if for you, like for me, the ocean is dream of yesterday, and you can’t even get in the sun, for one reason or another, then you can become the waves, the vibrations. For that is what everything is … resonation.

Unda (Latin) = the Waves
Unda attingit        The wave reaches you
Te et abducit         And leads you
Te in profunda      To the depths.
Sicut es unda.        Likewise you are the wave

Blood of the Dragon – Nox Arcana

How can anyone get through summer without slaying a few dragons?

Das Märchen vom Zaren Saltan, Act III, Scene Tableau 1: Orchestral Interlude. Hummelflug — Rimsky Korsikov 1903 — Sergei Rachmaninov piano arrangement and recording Flight of the Bumblebee 1929

Bumble bees, of course, do their work in Summer.

Falkenstein – Sommer

Mermaids — Hans Zimmer—Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides …

Summer is also a time of fantasy and imagination and myths. Or are myths based on some lost truth? Sea-faring cultures from around the world have stories of mermaids.

Faun -Mehrnoush …

Summer seem to enhance the intense nostalgia for childhood home, though the reality may be covered in mist….

Zaubersprueche                                                  Spells or Enchanment

In einem dunklen                                               Tal In a dark valley
Lag jüngst ich träumend nieder,                     Where I was recently dreaming,
Sa sah ich einen Strahl                                       I saw a beam
Von meiner Heimat wieder.                              From my home again.


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4 comments on “Summer — Music Themes

  1. Miss Hava says:

    Beautiful, very inspiring variety!


  2. willowdot21 says:

    Intriguing as always!!



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