So Hot

We sweat, itching in the sweltering hot swamp.
The humid summer air a burden, seeming more
Heavy than our torpid bodies can bear.
My own screeching tinnitus is amplified
By the insect’s constant whine, the decibels
Overwhelming the earth’s hot wildcat scream.
The pristine river is here guarded by acres
Of steaming thick river mud, and warm to the touch,
Mosquitoes and ticks sentinel the lost paths.
The river invites. Swim at risk in the soothing
Red tannic waters, home to alligators, poisonous
Cotton mouth snakes, snapping turtles, gar fish, eels.
Pollen, dust, and ashes float suspended in the
Turbid damp air, filling sinuses, eyes, mouth,
Unbreathable, coating surfaces with thick gray green.
The longed for cool of the evening shall only arrive
Hustled by howling cyclonic storms, while local
Inversions trap the heat, cooking all with pressure.
A small jeweled humming bird hovers, unconcerned,
Before me, then flits away, the tiny nest hidden.
With gratitude and cool well water, I rinse my face.
Bear . . . 06.20.2014
ⓒBearspawprint 2014



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