No Bones


Where my bones should be
Heaviness dark pain empty
Sagging no bones dance
Bear … 06.03.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


5 comments on “No Bones

  1. thoughtation says:

    Dark, grave, death?


    • Is that what you perceive?

      Have you experienced that overwhelming heavy lethargy when everything hurts and the effort to roll over or even lift ones hands is more effort than it is worth?

      There is an awful heaviness, a darkness, that envelopes the body and spirit.

      One’s framework is gone. One’s skeleton is gone. There IS a danger of death, and I hope you never experience this.

      If you have family or friends who do experience severe depressive episodes please know they are not willing themselves to be ill. No one chooses this misery. It just is.

      But be careful. There are physical and neurological disorders which can present with similar or same symptoms.

      And there is co-morbidity, just to complicate things. 🙂



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