Neglected Garden

What can be done,
When it is already
Too late?
What argument can be raised,
Against the
We all are One?
Is there release from
Captive promises
Of forever love?
Can there be love
Without expression,
Without kindness?
Is the neglected garden
A showcase work
Of the missing gardener?

Bear … 04.28.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint 2014


5 comments on “Neglected Garden

  1. Lisa says:

    Reblogged this on Love Songs And Mood Swings and commented:
    This was so insightful to me and put so very straightforward. I had to share.


  2. simon7banks says:


    An intricate garden grows around
    A careful gardener with soiled hands;
    Plants crystallise from secret soil
    And all the weeds are broken down
    Withered and brown

    Patterns of colour, of stroke smooth slabs
    Of burning red and drowning blue
    Spread like a puzzle to understand
    Or copy almost true

    Scent swarms the leaves
    The bees are drawn
    And no-one hears the fall of trees

    Reason has died, the gardener’s gone
    And vigorous weeds invade the beds
    While purple and yellow snowflake shapes
    Tangle and clash across the ground
    And bindweed grows around
    The rake forgotten where it stood

    No pattern now but riot of green
    Orange and mauve confusors’ dance
    That somehow rhythms to a word
    The gardener had never heard.



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