Back and Back Again

Back and back,
The march of
Lock step nights.
No forward in the dawn,
Only back and back again.
And back and back and back.
Facing the rising sun,
Backtrack through
The darkened sky.
One way to Hell.
Bear … 04.21.2014
ⓒ Bearspawprint

6 comments on “Back and Back Again

  1. Deborah says:

    There are many paths to hell. I sometimes feel that we could document parts of the roadmap. Maybe others could avoid them, or would they just be drawn in. Sometimes, I don’t know if it’s all illusionary. I find myself trying to find one foot in front of the other, but this back again thing really does get in the way.


    • Some paths are documented and some people use it as a guide on what to avoid and others a behavior manual. Not all the paths to, from, around, through, and into Hell have been trod. New routes are created/discovered all the time. The new ones are the one it is easier to avoid.

      Did you think Hell was illusionary? What is illusory? Is anything really illusion/Maya? I think that believing in illusion creates the illusion. I also do not think everyone creates their own hell. In many cases it is imposed.

      I think you ARE successfully (I do hope your success(es) are not an illusion you have created around yourself, but the reality) putting one foot in front of the other, and taking your body and spirit forward, too. Now if those old torments would just quit dragging on your beautiful self, the forward motion would go a bit easier …

      It is good to hear from you, Deborah XXX

      I send you many Hallelujahs.


  2. willowdot21 says:

    I feel that’s where I am headed right now. Deep post Bear very deep.



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