Dance Slowly

Will you dance slowly
In the Nwa Swamp Lannwit
Drifting in the water woods
While Loa whisper an kachèt
Chante dòmi chante dòmi
Where sleeping is a danger
And unaware one sinks forever
No shadow left alone to mourn
There is danger in renouvèlman
Springtime sweeping winds
Manman Latè does her
Prentan netwaye kay
There is no romans dous when
Slow dancing ak swirling opaque wind
Only malaise and listless
Rèv ak volonte passing
While working nan lajounen
Come dance slowly in
Dark Marekaj Night
Trees all know byennèt tan kap vini m ‘
Though ou pouvwa vle  sunlight
And someone else to find you
While Loa gently sing
Chante dòmi  chante dòmi
Chante dòmi  chante dòmi
I shall whisper my own words
I am here I am fanm pwòp tèt ou
Beyond the range of hearing
Only trees know me
Only Loa see me
Apzanteur danse naje vole
Dance slowly slowly in
Nwa Marekaj Lannwit
Bear … 03.04.2014

ⓒ Bearspawprint



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