23 comments on “HOME

  1. bluesage63 says:

    Fantastic photo, beautiful music.. take me to dreamland . thank you..


  2. roberta4949 says:

    are there like snakes and alligators there? yikes, glad we don’t have salt water crocks in the usa big enough to take down a horse, tho alligators do bite hard I have been told. bet the bugs are really bad? wildlife is probably spectacular there. especially the birds.


    • 🙂 Every area has its own irritants. So far no “German” cock-roaches or “Norwegian” wharf rats, or cane toads or salt-water crocs or Nile crocs …. though there are invasive species showing up and some critters that used to be more common are now less common, mostly due to habitat encroachment. I have not volunteered to test any alligators bite pressure. 🙂


  3. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Reblogged this on The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and commented:
    A crime to destroy this ….


    • This is designated wetlands, NOT to be developed. The river is pristine. This area is part of the Okeefenokee water shed. This really is my home, and I took the photo. We shall hope and pray that all of our homes are not destroyed. Bear.


  4. Ramona Ivan says:

    Lovely. Just lovely :0)


  5. Esther says:

    Avalon, the land of the mist, Tir na nOg. It’s so strange to see this now.


    • Laudonniere and other French Huguenots, as well as the Spanish, just behind them, thought they had found it, 1532-ish ….or at least the general area quite near here. This photo is about 30 miles NW of Jacksonville, Florida, (as the crow flies) the St. Mary’s River swamp, private property, designated wetlands, part of HOME.

      Why is it strange at this particular time? Are you writing a series related to Tír na nÓg ?



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