19 comments on “Ooops! I meant to press “preview”, but pressed “publish” … I am gonna trash that MAYA post and untrash it later.

  1. Deborah says:

    Let me try something here. My understanding of this is that Kate and I were choosing monthly themes while we waited for other themes to come back. We knew it was a bad time for a few people, but we wanted to do something on a monthly basis just because we liked doing it. Once the group got going again, we were willing to let it go. IN THE MEANTIME, if anyone had wanted to join in, we wanted people to know they were welcome.

    Now, I don’t like speaking for Kate, but my understanding is that is calling the group something new that makes her uncomfortable, for lack of a better word. So she is saying that as I rejoin the group, she would still collaborate with me, but she would probably not participate on her own.

    I hope that helps to clarify things and that I didn’t make it more complex. I do plan to post for Maya. 🙂


    • Dear Sweet Deborah,
      You and your thoughtful daughter Kate have done marvelously with coninuing music themes. Thank you.

      This new thing is a new thing, not the same old thing with a new name. I am pleased that you have decided to create a MAYA माया ILLUSION blog post and that Sweet Kate has consented to collaborate with you. Who knows, you might each decide to do something separate as well as together … though together and separate are both Maya. 🙂 “Probably” is not refuse absolutely or won’t entirely. It is “waite and see” as best I can tell.

      This is not meant to replace, take away from, add to, or supplant the old Music Themes. There is no obligation of any sort beyond if one is claiming to participate they try to stick with the particular subject matter and involve music. Thus far, only the first two weeks are in any way organized.

      Your lovely daughter is not cryptic, misleading, critically confusing but is refreshingly honest and straight forward. I find her delightful. she may of course, sign herself as any name she prefers, as can anyone else. 🙂

      Thank you for all that you have done, you generous hearted, conciliatory Lady Mom. Bear

      PS It’s OK to read the other replies, including kate’s and mine on the blog. The progression might make more sense, then again it might be more cryptic. 🙂



  2. Hey Bear! I’m happy to hear you’re able to participate in the themes again— I think the weekly idea is a good one; my mom already asked me to collaborate with her for Maya. I got to be honest with you though, the “CCC” thing just doesn’t appeal to me. When you called yourself the Themists it sounded so much more open and inviting, but considering how I don’t feel as though I am Critically Confusing &/or Cryptic I’m rather taken aback. I know it wasn’t your intention to alienate anyone, but to me the CCC sounds as though it’s gone from something where anyone is welcome to join us to a little club. I do hope you, Eva, and my mom have a lot of fun with this, but I’m just not sure how much I’ll participate via Sincerely Kate.


    • Please feel free to continue your once/month or whatever you decide music themes. It is not my intention to take your interest away from something you enjoy doing with your Mom. This is separate from that, entirely …. some of the same people thought it up, is all. 😉

      I do appreciate your honesty and my feelings are not hurt. I sincerely do not like to be misled by conventional politeness, though I must say you are as gentle and polite as possible. Thank you.

      I am looking forward to viewing your Mom’s and your February music theme, which you will publish … when?
      WP won’t let me scroll back far enough to find the comment when you informed me of your decisions about management and let me know I was still welcome to post at the same time as you and your Mom. It’s just one of those things …. comments and replies sometimes get lost in … well wherever they are (or aren’t). Dunno.

      Thank you for all that you have done and are doing. Your family is quite blessed to have your thoughtful self. Bear


      • I’m so glad to hear you weren’t upset by anything I said– I just wanted to let you know what I was thinking. I’m not sure if my mom and I are going to continue the monthly things as it was more of a placeholder until the regular themes picked up again. We shall see though! Our themes for February have already been posted so I’ll hook you up with the links:

        Mine: http://sincerelykaterz.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/sinful-indulgence/

        Mom’s: http://myriad234.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/sinfully-musical-a-musical-theme-based-on-the-seven-deadly-sins/


        • Interesting. 🙂

          But as it will be September before I would have a turn with the choices for your “themes”, I shall abstain and remove myself Then you can cycle back a month quicker without the bother of trying to figure out what anything about confusing folk like myself. As something to think about: “Regular themes” cannot “pick back up” with no one being allowed input for months on end. 🙂

          “… Our themes for February …. ” indicates possession. It’s OK. I really don’t mind. I’m glad you were able to pick something of interest and find what you like. The biggest problem is that if someone wants or is required by circumstances to “sit out” a session or even two or three, that means two to three or MORE MONTHS. And even more MONTHS before a choice rolls back around. Everything gets too complicated, other things fill in the gaps and involvement is lost. Things happen, lives go on (hopefully .. knock on wood) . Please enjoy your sinful indulgences until your March installment .. and enjoy that, too 🙂 I’m sure it will be equally interesting.

          This other will not take away from what you are doing, it is separate, and anyone may participate, or not. We haven’t worked out how to do the subject choices beyond what I wrote, and that is it, only for the moment.

          Perhaps I shall sinfully NOT indulge in so much bookkeeping and links and what-not. 🙂 Dunno. All is well enough, for now.

          Thank you for your links to “Our themes for February”.
          Thank you for all that you have done and are doing. Your family is blessed to have you among them.


          • I’m confused as to what you mean by waiting until September since no one, that I know of, has shown interest in picking things for the monthly version, but it’s all good. When I said “our” I didn’t mean to imply that it was literally ours; I was just letting you know my mom and I did the February posts already. I know that both the monthly and CCC can co-exist, but I was only interested in doing the monthly version while there weren’t any other themes at all to fill a void.


          • Ahhh. I knew you were trying to be thoughtful. Thank you, so much. You are so wonderfully gentle. Maybe it would be August, 6 months from now, with 6 participants. Even two months without a change of theme is enough to exclude everyone who declined to participate for whatever reasons, even once. But don’t worry about it. It is not a problem. It was never intended, by me, to be an obligation for anyone, myself included. There are too many of those, already. You have worked out what works for yourself and perhaps your Mom, and that is good, too. 🙂

            I feel that if I jump back in I will upset the balance you two have achieved between yourselves, and have to create schedules and frameworks and make sure that all interested parties are happy with it and that everyone’s schedules and interests are accommodated and etc. etc. and it is just much easier for me selfishly to not bother. All of that (as someone called it recently) “herding cats” (bet you have come to understand that term) takes up too much time. Time that doesn’t exist for any of us.

            So. As almost everyone is confusing and cryptic to everyone else, except for a few beautifully innocent persons, I suggested calling this small project the new name, so as to NOT detract or take away or remove anything from your “monthly version” (Good grief!! What does THAT sound like?) .which has morphed to fit you so well. If you can squeeze out the time to work on a Critically Confusing Cryptics blog post when the subject matter appeals to you, Pretty Please, please do. None of us are obliged to do one or the other, or anything at all. The intention is brain tickles ….. fun, learning, exposure to ???. 🙂

            Thank you for all that you have done. Bear


          • Well with the new CCC, the monthly thing’s a moot point since we were just doing that until something else came along. My mom and I just thought that if we were going to try something in the meantime, it’d be easiest for us to not do it as often as before– we were only one month in so I wouldn’t say we morphed anything. She’s more than willing to do the CCC and I’ll still collaborate with her so all is well.


          • But you can still do your once/month frequency that you are comfortable with. I don’t want to take that away from you. O.K. ? This other, little bit different is in addition, for those who want, not instead or to replace. 🙂 OK? You may sign yourself anything you like. No problem for me. You are a marvelously honest, straight forward, yet kind and gentle young woman. It is I who am confusing to others and cryptic, often misleading, guiding to multiple inconclusive choices in my creative style.

            I sent the (faulty?) explanation to the (former?) group ’cause I thought they (you) might (might not) be interested. My feelings are not hurt, and I hope yours are not either. But my odd bits of “free” time are quite precious, as are yours. I am trying to respect that, and still allow myself selfishly needed play.

            Thank you for all that you have done. Bear


          • I appreciate the invitation. You’re not taking anything away, but one sort of theme is more than enough so I’m happy to part with the monthly one. No response to this is necessary 🙂




  3. cindy knoke says:

    publish, preview, trash, untrash, don’t you love the brave new world……love this post and you!!!


    • The actual name of the postponed illusory post is MAYA माया ILLUSION — CRITICALLY CONFUSING CRYPTICS .. hahahaha! As Dr. Seuss said “funny things are everywhere” I love how you see that, Cindy. 🙂 🙂


  4. Gede Prama says:

    Well written. May peace be with you 🙂


    • ???? thank you. ??? Thursday there will be a post titled
      MAYA माया ILLUSION — CRITICALLY CONFUSING CRYPTICS Which will be music clips related to the theme of MAYA माया ILLUSION. I accidently, temporarily , published it. then unpublished it. This was an apology. I hope you enjoy the actual post on Feb. 20. 🙂 🙂



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