One Toothed Gris

the messenger’s here
with symptoms to fear
deep aches and sly pain
multiple lesions in brain
nothing will heal
permeable seal
inside or out
hear the hissing shout
of the One Toothed Gris
she turns life to piss
cry for the real
weird wrong things feel
illusion sensation paraesthesia
agony neuralgia disaesthesia
list when walking
tongue numb when talking
must work so hard
this secret to guard
swallowing’s a chore
there is more much more
opposing muscles out of sync
’cause the nerves don’t link
with hands cramped tight
artwork’s a fight
where the heart should be
there’s fish and debris
diaphragm harshly spasms
see only the black chasm
nerve fatigue looks so odd
while in a pirouette plod
keep the rhythm tap time
hide pauses with rhyme
to escape is death
more than likely without breath
there is more to write down
so just skip the frown
all memory storing
has become beyond boring
dyscalculia and aphasia
non intelligent intelligentsia
have been sampled before
figured out plastic brain lore
the whole list is too long
writing won’t make it gone
refuse to communicate
don’t answer pain’s call
mind keeps it all
just out of reach
another lesson teach
yet others for which to yearn
more pleasant to learn
so much to do
of course it’s not new
everyone’s shoulders
are piled with huge boulders
yet some tasks have been done
pretend it was fun
laugh at God’s little joke
take the casual cosmic poke
Bear… 02.07.2014. … and this is just me whining via my notebook, everyone has their own unique heavy rocks to tote Atlas like carry their personal worlds … having expression is a blessing that makes it a little easier to move the mountains that require moving …

ⓒ Bearspawprint

….. I’m sorry if there is an advertisement to skip over …..

composed by Thomas Bergersen  —-  Two Steps From Hell




3 comments on “One Toothed Gris

  1. Hello Bear,
    Have been reading your poems and catching some music. Getting into a blog swing of some sorts.
    No ad on the Two Steps from Hell or the Dojana piece ether.They’re everywhere and I’ve gotten adept at tuning them out –the adverstisements that is.
    Am hoping your mind is ‘lighter’ than most of your recent poetry suggests.
    Warmer weather and sun sets the snow melting and the roof leaking in all the usual places here. Rather humorous typing between the drops. Literally. LOL.
    For now..



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