Home again
Home again
Fliggedy flog
Here is my husband
Here is my child
Here is the cat
Here is Buddy and Dawg
Some things
Are the same
There’s a few that are new
A big tree blew down
It was a near miss
Guardian Angels
Protected Dear Husband
With another kiss
Thank you thank you
Again for this
Has given
Us all fright
An additional worry
In the dark of night
The horse still bucks
Through crippled and old
It’s as if he forgot
His pain and the cold
The deer shy away
And the ducks waddle on
Poor critters confined
For life in
This domesticated zoo
Rabbits and others
Live here too
Real animals
Require so much care
What about this
Sorry old Bear
Stay alive through
This month
Always dreary
Windy and cold
Grateful thankfully
Watch El Sol
Rise sooner and sooner
Gracefully comply
Accept the falsely
Coveted role
The long flight home
In the dense gray sky
Has taken Bear back
To an idyllic sweet
Paradise fantasy
Akin to the rack
Bear … 02.04.2014

13 comments on “Back

  1. Deborah says:

    Bittersweet dichotomy life is.


  2. I see how happy being at home again after a long journey. 🙂


  3. willowdot21 says:

    I am so glad that you are home again. Sadly worry comes with the territory when there are aging parents. Sadly mine are gone though not quietly. I miss them, the husband has his mother still she is 94yrs and as sharp mentally as anyone half her age. Physically she has slowed up some but still holidays 3/4times a year. She is very demanding of my husband he can never please her though he does so much for her, rather she favours his brother who really does very little for her. Ooops forgive me I am welcome home dear Bear. Xxxxx



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