3 comments on “Done

  1. Are you still on the mountain with your father and step mother, Bear?


    • Indeed I am, and I only brought one “carry-on” bag. But I wore cold-weather clothing (and was too warm on the flight).

      It was 7 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Colder cold is expected.

      I am using a laptop borrowed from Mama (step mother), off and on, at her personal desk. Not long enough to do any research, searches, compose anything (only copy quickly what I have written in my notebook) check the “notifications” and log off. Argh!!! Music. There is no music here. With everyone half deaf (except me) music sounds like obnoxious noise, so they don’t like it around … and it’s not. Everyone has retired for the night, but even though this is a large, multiple level house it has odd acoustics and I still don’t know if the speakers in this computer are any good 🙂

      Are the earthquakes (I have seen notices about) affecting you?


      • Hehe, I can imagine how you could speak with them. It is interesting! The temperature is 18 to 22 degrees Centigrade over here (I don’t know what it is in Fahrenheit) but it is cold enough for us. No sunshine but heavy rains fall all day every day. We are happy today because the rain stopped this morning and we have the sun shining on and off making us and all neighbors busy with their cloth sun drying out of the house. We have no drying machine here but the washing machine with spinning only. I am almost having no underwear to use.

        We live in a hilly place close to some mountains ( about 60 miles from the capital ) so the heavy rains in our place have been making the city in thick floods for decades.

        The recent earthquakes didn’t effect our area since it is too far away. 😀



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