The now is forever between.
Alone in winter 
I dwell in this
Eternal empty home.
Awake and awake
And awake and dreaming
Of sleeping love
Waiting just beyond.
Always here,
Searching for egress,
Straining for awareness through
The thoughtless voids,
Confused by swirling ether,
Wrapped in whispers of longing,
Clothed in regretful
Sighs of tomorrow.
The love dance of nothing
Accompanied only by a
Memory left unknown.
The counterpoint weaving
Of an almost dream wish
Glimpsed through
Misty black winter,
The inside out portal
Of despair.
Tired. So tired.
Tangled in this vertigo
Of knowing. 
Circling inward
To view the drifting
Forward singing the
World that isn’t into nothing.
Humming  Song Lines
Of ancient pretend.
Never arrive, never leave,
Dwelling in the here, 
Forever now,
Between nowhere.
Bear   12.20.2013

7 comments on “I DWELL BETWEEN

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I truly love your way with words!


  2. Mike says:

    Suspended animation eloquently, at times viscerally, exposed with a desolate, powerless voice and tone. A haunting piece – well done.



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