Color For Gray December Days


Nature offers welcome color contrast against colorless December skies.]

6 comments on “Color For Gray December Days

  1. Sunshine here for the day. Your Camelia are lovely. How do they smell?

    Blog question: Which widget did you activate in order to get “links” to related posts at the bottom of your posts? I saw something about this when in a rush and now cannot recall the correct lingo to do it. LOL.


    • D.S. Nelson sent me some info, but it is not WP widgets. I thought you were using this types of shortcuts already? Which I don’t yet know how to do. Her info and a link to “how to” are in the comments with one of the Music Themes. I have been remiss in not figuring it out, especially as she went to all of the bother of posting the links….. er somewhere. I’m sorry. Ooops, I misunderstood. Those “related” posts — I wish were not there, as often they are not related!! I didn’t do that. WP did do that. I see them on some other peoples blogs, also. sometimes they are related, sometimes, not. Mostly they just take up more space. Bah Humbug. 😦 Not a widget.


      • Thanks Bear. I see, perhaps what I read was about wp doing that. LOL. I do recall that D.S. Nelson shared certain linking information. At least it’s not another new widget that has appeared and I’m not using effectively.


    • The scent is mild and fresh, not heavy like roses.


  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks, Bear! This made me smile. It’s so beautiful to see these bits of color in spite of the general gloom of these days. I woke up to the wind howling here, so I will treasure these images as I head out to class. 🙂


    • I am happy to have been able to add t your repertoire of smiles. I hope your knees ( are not paining you too much as you rush about meeting your responsibilities with your bright cheerful capable self.



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