By My Secret Window
I am unable to sit.
Through the Magic Door
My spirit will not fit.
The weight of my body
Is an agony to bear,
Which I fail to sublimate
In the Universal Despair.
Living Alone
In my House of Pain,
Isolation is amplified
When I am too Sane.
I am Destroyed
By the Gone,
That Now shall Never
Be, though I Wish it anon.
Bear  11.29.2013

6 comments on “NOW

  1. Pain
    undermines us
    when we least expect
    it T – bones with startling precision
    heart, bone, mind, feet
    organs, blood, marrow
    spirit defenses
    mind rebel
    where is the impenetrable fortress


  2. willowmarie says:

    I’ve felt that way too sometimes. Am spelling solace for you.



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