Tsisdu Atsila Tsiladiyega     Rabbit is taking Fire to share with The People.


SMOKE DANCERS —   2011 Gathering of Nations


Что-то здесь неладно  =  SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE — Khadak


Pa-li-Tchi  —  oheň    = Pa-li-tchi  — Fire

Fireshow Pa-li-Tchi done at Polish Embassy close to Prague Castle


This is the vocal trio, The Burning Desires.  The singer in the middle is my Real Life Little Sister.  The pirate,  appearing briefly,  in the lower right corner is her husband.  The Burning Desires performed at the Relay For Life Fund Raiser at Peanuts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on 2/16/11. It was a “Pirate Themed” event. This performance is their 2nd on the Burning Desires 2011 World Tour, after their show on 2/5 at the 9th Annual Event Formerly Known as The DeLand Burning Man Festival.


SACRED FIRE —  Carlos Santana – Guajira



[2001, Royal Ballet] —————————————————————————————-

FIRESTORM  —  United Countries – Voghera Country Festival






13 comments on “Music Themes: GRANDMOTHER FIRE — SMOKE

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Woo! Bear what a week I have had, sorry for not getting to these wonderful post before! Mind you they are well worth the wait!! As ever your art is amazing! I love the way your are shows your Native Indian roots! …. well it does to me . I am so impressed with the smoke dancers , and they are young men and women which is wonderful because it shows how strong and alive the old traditions are right here , right now! They remind me of the Irish dancers… though they do not use their arms!!! Have you ever hear the true story of the River Dance ….. basically all dane springs from one place and like a river flows all over the world!! Picking up nuances where ever it stops!
    I have seen the Khadak video on your page and enjoy it too, The fire show is amazing and the female Pirates were on fire!!
    Carlos Santana , well I am a fan and could listen all night to him!! I love the Royal Ballet in fact I am going to Sadlers Wells to see the Male version of Swan Lake with some girlfriends next month and I am really looking forward to it!!

    OH! OH! I loved the line dancing it gives you such a lift to watch!! and then you finish with the Hearth and Fire!!. Thanks Bear for an amazing journey loved every minute!! xxxxxx


  2. Deborah says:

    I love Rabbit takes fire to The People–stunning! All the dancing is wonderful! What an array of styles. Powerful choices. 🙂


  3. Music ‘runs’ in your family, eh, Bear? They’re having fun. A lot more fun than my um, ‘sailors.’ yeah.
    You have a little sister–o my.
    Excellent Fire dancers.



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