AN INNIS AIGH by  The Rankin Family —– from the   FIRE IN THE KITCHEN  Canadian compilation album by The Chieftans  1998



Willow:      Grandmother Fire


Johnny:      Grandmother Fire


D.S.Nelson:     #20 The Music Of Grandmother Fire


Deborah:     The Power Of Fire


Eva:     Fire Ascent To The Higher Realms ~~ Sort Of.

Eva:     Fire: A Musical Descent Into the Lower Realms. Some What For Mentally Mature Audiences Only, A.K.A Those Not Easily Offended 








13 comments on “Music Themes: GRANDMOTHER FIRE —LINKS

  1. Now, I think I have a way ‘in’ to dealing with this theme–go for positive–as in hope—hmm. For example, what to hope for in a better world? Hmm. Might work.

    And This Fire in the Kitchen is very beautiful–and different from the other over in Deborah’s kitchen.

    Oh I watched the Young Lakota piece on Independent Lens–the issues with Cecelia Fire Thunder are several years ‘old’ –and it is not a ‘current’ political piece. If you caught it, please share your thoughts whatever they may be.


    • Hope for the future sounds good. and also difficult. Deborah is considering dreams and fantasies without consequences. some of her thoughts are here in the comments:

      This one is painful for me. But I do have a vague idea than may solidify in a few hours.

      I’ve own the audio CD for about 20 years. 🙂 Not all of the songs are online. Of the three or four I found, this is the one I preferred. I wanted to cool down a little with the links.

      No TV for me, even when I want to see something. I had considered watching via the net, but did not. Thank You for this reminder, I shall see if I can’t find a streaming version, but not right this minute. I need to put a reminder somewhere. Are there particular points to which I should pay attention?

      Thank you, Eva, for all the thought you put into what you write.


      • Thought? Oh that thought. LOL.

        Hmm, pain, if it’s painful then it’s going in the wrong direction. Yep. Muppets time!

        As for Young Lakota–not as in depth as I had hoped, therefore particular points — certain lacks about the complexity of the entire situation could make for interesting conversation. Or not. I wouldn’t make it a high priority watch issue. Unfortunately. Though—-it is telling about women’s issues. IF you wished to spend your time better–then the reports by Amnesty International would be more in depth and would explain the why behind the situation on the film—as in the extent of sexual violence and how it is very very badly handled when it comes to Indigenous women. That’s disturbing.

        For now, thank you for your very kind attention.


  2. Hello deer Bear,
    Thank you once again for all the link work you do so neatly.
    Am I correct in thinking that the next theme choice is willow’s?

    I like the hunk and the alligator crossing the ‘road’. 🙂
    Will check in with you later today.
    Have fun.



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