No thoughts have no judgment.

Thoughts often are of calculation,

Manipulation, personal crowding,

White noise,  wrong weighted verdicts.

Is an empty thought small?

Or is an empty thought universal?

Are Empty and the Void One?

Is Knowing an Empty  Thought?


Bear  11.19.2013




9 comments on “THOUGHTLESS

  1. Are Empty and the Void one?

    I don’t think so.
    One can be empty.
    One can fall into the void–or rise out of it.
    So I’m thinking at the moment.
    Hi Bear.


    • How can you “rise up out of it”? Does The Void have direction? Are A VOID and THE VOID the same? Hello Eva 🙂 🙂


      • Morning Bear. Actuallly, as I look at the time I realize it’s after noon–quite literally.

        A and The are definitely NOT the same. “A” points to one particular void and implies there are others. The Void points to the ‘ultimate’ void from which all others originate.

        As for rising up out of it–or descendin into it– I’ve come to think it’s a matter of ‘choice.’

        🙂 It’s Friday. I’m evading some choices and leaning towards others. Each productive in their own way. Neither of which leads to any voids.
        How about you?
        Your thoughts on ‘voids’?


        • Yes @ A and The Void. 🙂 ‘Fraid my choice(s) often have to do with The Void.

          We are all of the Void, however I am void of thoughts at this empty moment. Really. I love how you are able to access the Void with your not-empty Mind. Thank you.


  2. I read this earlier today and typed a comment and didn’t send it. I love this Sweet Momma Bear. Thiis is so true of thoughts. Hugs!


  3. willowdot21 says:

    Deep thoughts Bear!



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