4 comments on “Voices of Inuit Women

  1. Hello Bear,
    I’ve listened to these before and find them very intriguiging. We often bemoan the lack of the writtern word for historical records–but is not the verbal record that would have been perserved from generation to generations just as valid, if not more so because it is ALIVE rather than a static text upon an object which has NO meaning unless it can be ‘read’. If it cannot be read and comprehended then is it not as good as ‘lost’ and useless?
    Otherwise, I have the sense that these throatings served some significant purpose for communication on a level ‘we’ have no clue about because we’re so caught up in our supposed ‘superiority’ because we have our ‘tech toys’. Or for other reasons entirely. Hmm.
    Thanks for posting these. 🙂


    • I was wondering if anyone would comment on the YT comment. 🙂 One reason I posted his YT signature twice. I do not want mistaken credit for authorship 🙂 —–
      This style of singing was/is a lot more than “playing breathing games”. It is music, it does all of the things music does and depending on intent and circumstances al lot more, too. Some of the songs, like may folk songs, are really funny, having to do with prosaic things like stinky men’s shoes … how else can you deal with it in close quarters than to laugh? All music alters consciousness in some way. I don’t believe all of ‘we’ have “no clue”. Some of “we” have more clues to work with, than other “we”. Huh ah huh ah huh ah huh huh I’m glad you aren’t an elitist. “Hmm”:-)


      • Okay, now I ‘get’ the comment’s origin–was wondering about that.
        I agree that not all of “we” have no clue.
        Yes, music stimulates our grey matter in all sorts of ways.
        “An elitist”–in what sense? O my, I’ve been labeled a number of things but I don’t think that’s ever been one of them. As far as I know anyway.

        On another topic entirely–the computer is not allowing me to copy and paste text from a flash drive to wp. LOL. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. LOL.



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