Corvidae III — Music Themes


Corvus Corax – Basileus

Three Black Crows —  Blackmore’s Night

Shirley Temple-What Did The Blue Jay Say

Masfel  —  Varju

The Crow  – Pain and Retribution

Old Crow Medicine Show – Tear It Down

FAMOUS BLUE JAY SINGERS – I’m Bound For Canaan Land

Nox Arcana Shadow Of The Raven – The Raven

17 comments on “Corvidae III — Music Themes

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Joy Oh! joy such lovely music ….esp Three Black Crows ! Then we both picked to mention the film the Crow!


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  3. Do with this as you please. I think if the spearker’s voice had a different tone it would be ‘better’? I’m not sure.

    The things is–this is the origin of a very ‘powerful’ cult film presence. Interesting.


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  5. I found an interesting video on The Crow for origins of Superheroes. It was too jarring for my selections but…


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  7. Okay, I get a snack and you post and post and post! LOL. I knew it. )


    • I’m done. I gotta finish some gifts to mail tomorrow (er today) which is also full of appointments. Thanks. No one else is up, so I have some time to listen to the rest of yours while I sew. 🙂 That Joy Harjo was cute. 🙂



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