Music Themes: WOLVES


Dances With Wolves—Fire Dance



Never Cry Wolf

Amazing insight in this movie.  Of course Farley Mowat’s book NEVER CRY WOLF is better, but this is an

excellent outstanding wonderful insightful movie.  Watch it. Rent it.  Buy it.  Read the book.  All of Farley Mowat’s

books are works of genius compassion and passion and well researched..  What can you expect from someone who fell in love , post humus,  with Dian Fossey while writing WOMAN IN THE MISTS ?

Never Cry Wolf (1983) was a tremendously underrated film. It has some of the best photography ever on film. It’s based on the experience of Farley Mowat – A government researcher who studied the wolves in the arctic. One of the best films about man and his relationship to the animals and nature around him.
Three subtle themes come through in this film that anyone who has ever spent time alone in the wilderness will note. Solitude, Silence and Melancholy…



Altai Kai. Jерим (Моя земля).



Joanne Shenandoah- Wolves



Qimmiq  Amaru YouTube,

As you can hear the Inuit throat singers singing, “Qimmiq, qimmiq, amaru, amaru” .. In the Inuit language, ‘Qimmiq’ means dog .. and ‘Amaru’ meaning wolf.



Mari Boine – Ahccai



Cry of the Wolves

The joik is called Máttaráhku askái (In our foremothers’ arms) from her aMáttaráhku askái.lbum

In a joik there are`nt any spesific lyrics.. The sami people doesnt joik “about” the wolf, they joik the wolf… Naturally this was hard to understand back in time, so it was concidered as some sort of communication with the devil.. As Kafarsken replied, the crueldom om Christianity.



Lupus Dacus



Norway – Langedrag naturepark and wolves tribute


Korpiklaani — Running with the Wolves


Korpiklaani – Suden Joiku (Yoik Of The Wolf)   with Finnish lyrics

Viiman villin vitsomana,
Melkotuulen murjomana,
Juoksi hukka hurjanlaine,
Riensi susi sinisilmä.

Läpi vuroten, tuntureitten,
Kuulu laulu laajanlainen,
Läpi metsän kautta kairan,
Nato joiku jämeräinen.

Suden joiku vössä kuuluu,
Ulvonya kuuhunki kaikuu,
Sudden joiku alati kuuluu
Ulvonta yössäki raikuu.

Virrast’ vettä hukka latki,
Kymikoskesta kulautti,
Villi veri syömmessänsä,
Vuoksiköngäs suonissansa.

Aapain halki tiensä taittaa,
Jänkäin, jäyrein, yli viepi,
Aate ainut aivoissansa,
Suenmorsian mielessänsä.

Suden joiku vössä kuuluu,
Ulvonya kuuhunki kaikuu,
Sudden joiku alati kuuluu
Ulvonta yössäki raikuu


Viima wild vitsomana,
Quite Wind beat each,
He ran wildly wave dissipation,
Ran to meet the wolf with blue eyes.

Through vuroten, fells,
Part of a broad kind of song,
Through the forest through the drill,
NATO yoiking for ruggedness.

The wolf yoiking VOSSA include,
Ulvonya the moon echoes,
Sudden yoiking ever a
Howling yössäki clangs.

Virrast ‘water loss latki,
Kymikoskesta gulp down,
Wild Blood syömmessänsä,
For the sake Rapids veins.

Aapain its way through the folds,
Jänkäin, jäyrein, over take away our,
Ideology only aivoissansa,
Suenmorsian heart.

The wolf yoiking VOSSA include,
Ulvonya the moon echoes,
Sudden yoiking ever a
Howling yössäki clangs






Wolf Blood



Loreena McKennitt –  Dark Night Of the Soul Wolf




Петя и Волк / Peter & the Wolf (Сюзи Темплтон /

Мальчик Петя живет вместе с дедушкой в доме за забором на краю леса. Дедушка запрещает Пете выходить из дома, поэтому у него нет друзей среди детей: его друзья — гусь да озорная птица. Но Петю одолевает любопытство, и однажды, несмотря на запрет, он бежит в открытый мир на поиски приключений

Boy Pete lives with her grandfather in a house behind the fence at the edge of the forest. Grandpa Pete prohibited to leave the house, so he has no friends among the children, his friends – yes goose mischievous bird. But Petya overcomes curiosity, and one day, in spite of the ban, he runs into the open world in search of adventure …


Prokofiev / Peter Ustinov / Herbert von Karajan, 1960: Peter And The Wolf / Петя и Волк



Şaman Kurt Türk Ruhu – Shaman Wolf Turk Spirit – шаманы

Huun Huur Tu-Altay Sayan Tandu Tuva Türk music.çok güzel kurtların ve şamanın ruhu Altay şarkısı.very iyi Wolfs ve Shaman ruhu Altay Türkleri music.Очень хороший волков и дух шамана Алтая Тюрк музыку

Turkey Tuva, Altai Sayan Tanduk Huur huun beautiful wolves and the shaman Shaman spirit and the spirit of Altay Altay Turks şarkısı.very Wolfs good хороший волков и дух шамана Алтая Тюрк музыку music.Очень



Riu Riu Chiu by Arany Zoltán

Riu, riu, chiu
La guarda ribera
Dios guarde el lobo
De nuestra cordera.

El lobo rabioso la quiso morder,
Mas Dios poderoso la supo defender;
Quisole hazer que no pudiesse pecar,
Ni aun original esta Virgen no tuviera.

Este qu’es nascido es el gran monarca,
Cristo patriarca de carne vestido;
Hanos redimido con se hazer chiquito,
Aunqu’era infinito, finito se hizera.

Muchas profecias lo han profetizado,
Y aun en nuestros dias lo hemos alcancado.
A Dios humanado vemos en el suelo
Y al hombre nel cielo porqu’er le quisiera.

Yo vi mil Garzones que andavan cantando,
Por aqui bolando, haciendo mil sones,
Diziendo a gascones Gloria sea en el cielo,
Y paz en el suelo qu’es Jesus nascieta.



PBS Nature Radioactive Wolves
What happens to nature after a nuclear accident? And how does wildlife deal with the world it inherits after human inhabitants have fled? The historic nuclear accident at Chernobyl is now 25 years old. Filmmakers and scientists set out to document the lives of the packs of wolves and other wildlife thriving in the “dead zone” that still surrounds the remains of the reactor.


Wolves of Chernobyl – National Geography (1 of 5)   go to you tube to see the rest of the series:


Chernobyl reclaimed: Animal Takeover (2007)



BBC Documentary – Wolf Battlefield












There is a link to a petition at this link:

Howling For Justice | Blogging for the Gray Wolf





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