American Woman


American Woman — The Guess Who

From the comments:


Randy Bachmann is playing one of the most recognizable leads in guitar history


It was sung on the spur of the moment on stage in Canada and then later written from a taped copy of the onstage performance


Burton Cummings interviewed by Ray Shasho:

“… it’s time to start the 2nd show and the guys are back onstage. I hear them start this riff (American Woman.) I run inside and run up onto the stage and just grab a microphone and started singing whatever came into my head; it was all stream of consciousness at the moment stuff … all that stuff about war machines and ghetto scenes, colored lights can hypnotize …it was all just spur- of- the- moment.”

8 comments on “American Woman

  1. I like the idea that this was an ‘instant’ brain crunch song. If that’s really true then it’s ‘cool.’
    Bear. you’ve got some special connection with that “They’re coming…” song. Hmm?


  2. ptero9 says:

    My dad bought tickets to see the Guess Who on the day of the lunar landing, July 20, 1969 at the Brookhaven National Lab, where he worked. My sister and I went and before the concert she chided me into going backstage to see if the band was there. We walked around a side entrance and saw a door opened and Randy Bachman was tuning his guitar. He smiled at us, put the guitar down and came over to talk with us. My sister took a polaroid of him with his arm around me. I was only 11, but what a thrill and what a performance! They were awesome.



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