The Hittites — A Civilization That Changed the Ancient World


The Hittites of Anatolia

The Hittites (Narration by Jeremy Irons)

Narrator = Jeremy Irons
Türkiye / Çorum / Boğazköy / Kültepe / Hattuşaş
Release Date = 9 May 2003 (Turkey) – [baryshx]

“A Civilization That Changed the World”
06:10, 46:51, 1:11:25, 1:22:58, 1:38:35, 1:47:23, 1:55:52 = David Hawkins – University of London
07:51, 24:15, 26:43, 43:07 = Theo Van Den Hout – University of Chicago (Hittite Dictionary)
09:53, 26:25, 33:10, 44:18 = Gary Beckman – University of Michigan
12:34, 23:23 = Ali Dinçol – istanbul University
12:49, 15:00 = Billie Jean Collins – Emory University
22:00, 25:08, 29:16, 31:03, 32:03, 1:17:43 = Harry Hoffner – University of Chicago (Hittite Dictionary)
39:09, 40:07 = Jürgen Seeher – Director of Hattusa Excavations
46:06, 1:05:14, 1:13:07, 1:35:27, 1:56:14 = Trevor Bryce – Aouthor:”Life and Society in The Hittite World”
1:00:24, 1:20:10, 1:31:19, 1:43:59, 1:47:39 = G.A. Gaballa – Cairo University
1:32:20 = Gernot Wilhelm – University of Wurzburg


5 comments on “The Hittites — A Civilization That Changed the Ancient World

  1. willowmarie says:

    wonderful to find you here at WP. Just last night I was re-watching Bethany Hughes “When God was a Girl”


  2. roberta4949 says:

    by the descriptions of the hittites what they did, how they adminstered their affairs their dedication to glory of conquering and military campaigns, their language, and the other features they described as hittites sounds an aweful lot like the medes, and persians, and not hittites at all. the medes wre very tolerate of other religions, even letting conquered people go and continue to worship as they did, some even became jewish proslyetes, the medes and persians were of the aryan tribe (jepheth) one of the three sons of noah, thehittites were one of the seven tribes of the cannanites, who descended from ham, not jepheth, humm, the book the history of the persian empire by A. olmstead 1948 p 231 writes “persian a son of a persian an aryan of the aryan seed” old persian was transted in akkadian language dominated elamites or susian, according to this video they based their own theory/evidence on purely linguistic similiarities and not necessarily any physical evidence such people ever did what the video says, I am not saying the video is wrong, just that there is some conflicting information going on here. and the video showed a standard on the back wall, eagle wings, a sun? in the middle? reminds me of what alot of cultures have used, even hitler used something very similar. I am not convinced that the hittites is what the video is really about but the medes and persians mislabeled hittitites.


    • Thank you, Roberta, so much for this comment. When you comment it is always well thought out and interesting.—— There is a historical, cultural, and physiological relationship with the peoples you identify. —— I do think language evolution is one of the best guides to cultural migration and evolution. —– Considering these cuneiform writings are around 4,000 years old, I think a remarkable amount of interpretation has been done. Just imagine how much of current writing is misunderstood or misinterpreted or is purposely misleading. And that using accepted vernacular! One thing that comes through to me, is people are people and probably will always be people, however we move about and whatever languages we use and whatever technologies we develop. —– Bear



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