… just unthinkable

in reference to the imminent total collapse of humanity due to overpopulation:

“Not impossible,  Robert, just unthinkable.  …..”

pp 214  INFERNO  by Dan Brown c. 2013

3 comments on “… just unthinkable

  1. Achim Wolf says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Scientists warn of a rapid collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem.
    The ecological balance is under threat: climate change, population growth and environmental degradation could lead even in this century an irreversible collapse of the global ecosystem.

    –> http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2012/06/06/scientists-uncover-evidence-of-impending-tipping-point-for-earth/

    The cardinal reason is the sudden development of human population that threatens to devour all our resources.

    Since 21 August there is therefore a petition at change.org for the introduction of global birth-controls, also in HINDI!

    If you want to support this or publish it on your website, here is the link:

    Please continue to spread the link or the petition as possible to all interested people, organisations etc.

    Thank you and best regards
    Achim Wolf, Germany


    • In areas where infant survival is assured, there is accessible health care and over-all household standard of living is reasonable (clean reliable water, protection from weather, and women’s equality is supported and pregnancy is ENTIRELY voluntary, birth rates drop. Sometimes to negative. The areas that have seen this phenomena are being replaced by immigrants …. whose birth rates will drop as their lifestyles change, also. That is if they allow the changes. Quality of life improvements could be made NOW all over the world and the populations would end up holding steady at 9 billion. Without forcefully imposed birth control. Yes, you are right. it is a geometrically increasing problem, unless improvements are made in how we treat each other and our children, our problem will only get worse.


    • Thank you for the links and information.—- Bear



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