Are These Lands Actual European Discoveries?

Discoveries by European explorers that didn’t involve  claiming land where people were already living. Click to zoom. Photo: Bill Rankin via Slate

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6 comments on “Are These Lands Actual European Discoveries?

  1. Mobile Rik says:

    This is really cool! More than I would have expected.

    Though it also makes me wonder about the (alleged) prehistoric seafaring cultures who may or may not have visited a lot of these islands, but whose evidence of discovery has long been erased.


    • Thwe Indian ocean islands marked with daggers were known to Arab traders, but not occupied at the time of “discovery”. If tsunami or seismic cataclysm removed evidence, or perhaps whole islands it is, was, will be difficult to know. Archeological, anthropological, and biological/genetic evidence is offering more and more clues though, as to what our not so distant past is.


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Such important information. Thank you for posting~


  3. Very interesting Bear! You are a big news buff and I love it!

    > >



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