How to spot Nova Delphinus 2013 with the naked eye ….

Nova Explosion
Nova Star Explosion Is Visible to the Naked Eye: Where to Look

The impressive new star explosion, Nova Delphinus 2013, has brightened considerably since its discovery on Aug. 14. See how to spot the nova with the naked eye.


7 comments on “How to spot Nova Delphinus 2013 with the naked eye ….

  1. Recently my wife and I went camping and to view the Persiads meteor shower at the Big Laguna Meadow (an hour’s drive from San Diego, CA.). Now that I know about the Nova, I’ll be looking for it. You have a nice site. Thanx for the info and for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day!


  2. Ramona Ivan says:

    North America definitely needs more planetariums to support an appreciation of astronomy! Sometime after moving to Toronto the city closed the McLaughlin Planetarium….hopefully one day there will be a trip to Montreal to see the newest planetarium: soon πŸ™‚ Thank you for the post. Very cool.


    • Ahhh, a planetarium. Or a mountain. It’s been a long long time since a visit to either …..

      I used to sit on the roof with a tripod mounted telescope to star gaze with my boys, occasionally. But now, here, in the Okeefenokee watershed, atmospheric moisture tends to cloud the view. And beautiful trees obscure all of the sky, including from the roof I used to use. I run around looking for canopy holes to peer through. The advantage is I don’t have to be dressed presentably and my hair can stick out in all directions. My husband does not care to view the skies. I am alone in the night.



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