Yinehi Amayeduhi


Yinehi  Amayeduhi






6 comments on “Yinehi Amayeduhi

  1. Introspection also–and a contrast between the fisted and open hands. Woman within the shape of a flower, flames, the moon or/and water droplets. So many ways to see/go. Wonderful line-work.


    • Yinehi = a kind of fairy-being Amayeduhi = water lily


      • Many lilies of late: yesbut’s water lilies photo, your water lily, Ella Cara Deloria’s book Water Lily, and ‘my’ Lily of Breakfast Special. O and I saw some of Diego Rivera’s Calla Lilies at the Nelson -Atkins exhibition on Thursday. The exhibit closed today but the staff did not know where it was going next. They were supposed to have it another month–but???? Curious where it will surface next. At any rate….many Lilies everywhere in my mind swamp.
        Hi Bear.


  2. willowdot21 says:

    I see agony and pain!



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