15 comments on “Atsiladiyehi Aninvyu

  1. wonderful sketch drawing
    with regards


  2. MisBehaved Woman says:

    So gorgeous! Love, love, love it!


  3. Ahhh another lovely line lady. For a moment I thought of Leda and the Swan. I take it these are your art, Bear. Am I correct? Do you do them with one continuous line or not? Looks like India Ink, is it?


    • Yes, mine. No, not one continuous line. I have to stop and come back due to visual disturbances. Some are India ink, some are a gel-ink. I am feeling a sense of urgency and thus this series of drawings are abbreviated. I keep getting double vision …. more than irritating … a little scary …


      • Visual disturbances are not enjoyable.
        I like these drawings very much.
        Sense of urgency? I hope things are as good as they can be at your end of the cyber-swamp.


        • Thank you, Eva. No actually I am not so good just now. Ask me again in a couple of weeks Just about every little ting that can be wrong is wrong, and a few biggies, too, so that the cost to me, for barely doing the things that must be done, is more than my body can tolerate. MS is only part of it. Perhaps if my attitude were not so rotten. Hahaha. I wish it were just my attitude. Sigh. I’m glad you like the drawings. I suppose they are actually more on the order of illustrations for the words that are included in Tsalagi language. If I can figure out how to post it, again, I just finished another. This one is a well known myth, which I bet you will recognize, given your wide knowledge base.—- Thank you for all you have done, see I am already a little removed from how I feel— Thanks — Bear



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