4 comments on “Apocalyptica

  1. I am enjoying your various music selections a great deal. Thank you.
    Are these all performers you’ve known about prior to posting or do you search them out?
    Just curious about how you’ve discovered such a diverse selection.
    I follow a World Music blog and never know what I’ll hear via it. It’s a thrill to hear something that tingles through you.
    Ruska is playing, again, as I type–and I am enthralled.


    • Wagner Reloaded is new to me. The previews were good, the rehearsals good, but. Didn’t like the performance so much, though the music was OK. Bet they were all glad to get done with that show!! Apocalyptica is not new to me. I own several of their CDs, though no new ones. ———- I just deleted a loooong reply. Much too long. Music and dance as a transcendent medium has always been important to me. Music and dance and crafts and art, for most of us I think, are like cooking or laughter or love or sand paintings —- created and whaw… gone. — I’m glad you like —- I shall pretend that I’m enjoying a cuppa with you and listen, also. —-Bear


      • Oh please, if you don’t want to post the LONG reply here, please feel free to email it to me. You can grab my email from your dashboard side of listed comments. Seriously. Music and dance as a transcendent medium—please do share one way or another! Whatever the LONG entailed I am seriously curious about.
        I am indeed having some fenugreek tea for the very first time as I type this to you. And I am listening to Ruska again. I found many more on the tubes of you and listened for a long time while online. I love these strings! Eva aka 47wb
        Jane would have adored this music!


  2. willowdot21 says:

    Fabulous I think we may have similar tastes!



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