Now Again and Again and Again

by Bear



I have no place in time
You and I forever in the eternal always
Though you have gone a bit ahead, no loss.
Or did I linger some behind in together used to be?
There wandering in the yestermorrow is now again
And again and again still all here
As I am nothing was and always will be.
I am the what was to be while
We were beyond the longing tomorrow hope.
Remember our hope dreams while drifting through
My morrowgone.  Alone I watched before while you
Faded into our future be. Holding me fast apace, lock
Stepping through my clouded mindless drifting I
Watch two apparently together but I am not.
I am nothing was and always will be.
I am now again and again and again.

8 comments on “Now Again and Again and Again

  1. willowdot21 says:

    So beautiful, it reinforces my idea that time is man made and in reality it is all over the place! Always and everywhere!


  2. permit me to re blog
    with regards



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