The Slaughter of the Owls

From the Earth first post: “The weirdest part is that the timber industry doesn’t even like the idea. Said Tom Partin, president of the American Forest Resource Council ….. Shooting a few isolated areas of barred owl isn’t going to help us as forest managers, nor is it going to help the forest be protected from wildfires, and catastrophic wildfire is one of the big impediments to spotted owl recovery.”
…. So, to manage an ever-dwindling stock of real, flourishing forest ecosystems, we can simply kill the more prolific animals so that the rarer species can co-habitate. That way, all species can be endangered together.” Please read the whole article.

Earth First! Newswire

from Earth First Newswire

An an inane strategy that is sure to revolt basically everyone, the US Fish and Wildlife decided to begin hunting barred owls in the Pacific Northwest. Why? Because they care so much about the spotted owl that they don’t want the barred owl around.

They plan on killing over 3,500 barred owls over the next four years in California, Oregon, and Washington. This at the same time as the Forest Service has called for a 20 percent increase of logging in all national forests. Meanwhile, Senator Wyden (D-OR) is calling for the “streamlining and modernization” of the Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).

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2 comments on “The Slaughter of the Owls

    • There were four of our Owl relatives hunting last night. I’m guilty of teasing them and calling so that one or two will come close enough for me to see them. The first one to realize it is me gets irritated and swoops down and around before he flies off quickly and with great agility into the trees. With those wide wide wings they can still maneuver amongst the (apparently to me) entwined branches and disappear almost instantly. Sometimes I just get laughed at, from up in the water oaks,



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