Roy and Poor Pitiful Patrick

Poor Patrick

     Dear Son IV  gave his poor pitiful  Patrick a bath.

     Roy has been trying patiently to teach me how to use my computer.

I wrote down most of the steps on how the picture came to be here

but not all.   Sigh.  I don’t know which ones are missing. I don’t know

what I am doing, and I am as uncomfortableas this wet cat doing whatever

it is I am doing.

     I feel like I am swimming in a lake on a moonless night (which I used to

enjoy), but also as if I were trying to read a book while swimming in a lake

on a moonless night.


6 comments on “Roy and Poor Pitiful Patrick

  1. […] and fell in the cat food”.  To me, that is the best of the possible stories for this. […]


  2. You’ll figure it all out. It takes time and repetition/practice! 🙂


  3. Awh too cute Bear! 😀

    > >



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