C. D. Smith — Artist

C.D. Smith is a Tallahassee artist who specializes in watercolor. He is battling retinitis pigmentosa and is now legally blind. This is an experimental video chronicling C.D.’s history and art work.


Someone I know from the Olden Days.  C.D., old friends, and even my first husband are in this little film.


7 comments on “C. D. Smith — Artist

  1. Humberto says:

    I have a few of CD’s drawings that a friend of mine owned, and would like to send them to him. Any address I could use? Thank you.


  2. alexishigginbotham says:

    I loved this. Thank you for sharing his work, Sharon. I am a little choked up by fate dealing C.D. such a shitty hand.

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  3. My name is Michelle Malloy but I was born Michelle Smith to C D’s brother Howard and his wife Sarah. My dad died when I was a baby and I havent been in touch with CD in over 20 years when I left Tallahassee
    I will be coming through Tallahassee with my mom on December 17th and 18th and would love to see him.
    My number is 407-304-9788

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    • Michelle, I’m sure your uncle will be delighted to hear from you. Your Dad’s death was a hard blow for C.D. I shall email you and see what I can cook up to help out. Thank you for your courage in posting this comment. XOXOXO


  4. gb says:

    We own 8 painting by Mr. Smith. We REALLY enjoy feeling them when we enter a room. They make each room feel so calm and peaceful.

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