2 comments on “Useless

  1. willowdot21 says:

    OH! someone else feels like me today …. 😉 come on big smile it will just everyone mad wondering why you are so happy! xxxx


    • Will a smirk do? —- “Oh my achin’ back” was never meant to be a cryptic cliche’. Everybody is supposed to know what it means, everybody has back aches. But actually very few really do. Aches and pains are entirely subjective. “Aches and pains” sounds so small and casual. Something acetaminophen or naproxen sodium or ibuprophen would help, And apparently that really is sufficient for most people. Even if those OTCs wreck livers and kidneys or capillaries or all three. (Ooops. yammering again) It is just wrong, though, to have to suffer when we don’t have to suffer. Wrong. It is torment. Bad Wrong. And some back and back related pain will cause involuntary vocalizations in the form of screams. Highly socially unacceptable.—- Uh Oh… Look out!!! Here comes that Zen Stick!!! If we were able, I would say DUCK!! (actually, once in a while I am able to duck) I am so sorry that you have to endure. —- I once had a doctor suggest that I find and join an S&M club. Turn it all into entertainment. —- Cheeky SOB —- Have as good a day as you can. — Bear



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