HAIRCUTS FOR HUGS kicked out of park


haircuts hugs
Michael Johnson (left) hugs friend Anthony Cymerys, known as Joe the Barber, in Bushnell Park,
in Hartford, Conn.  May 1, 2013
photo:  Jessica Hill AP

6 comments on “HAIRCUTS FOR HUGS kicked out of park

  1. How truly sad ;( That a world that is supposed to be the most civilized and technologically advanced in history, So they say!!. Are the most uncivilized, barbaric, unhumanistic, ludicrious, unsympathetic,and uncaring civilization on the planet. You now get arrested for kindness!!! When will the world learn true compassion and humanity. Someone has to take care of them. Shame on this country having homeless in the first place. With empty buildings across this country!!! Shame on them who arrested him.



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