Science to Restore Working Tails to Multiple Sclerosis Patients


I really do need for my tail to work.
Enhanced white blood cells heal mice with MS-like disease

Posted: 01 Jun 2013 10:38 AM PDT

Genetically engineered immune cells seem to promote healing in mice infected with a
neurological disease similar to multiple sclerosis, cleaning up lesions and allowing the
mice to regain use of their legs and tails.

7 comments on “Science to Restore Working Tails to Multiple Sclerosis Patients

  1. sachemspeaks says:

    A sure way to help with many problems in the body is to vote only for politicians that favor stem cell use on humans and soon? Stem cells can repair body defects.


    • Like my non-working tail? Attempting to treat a few of the SYMPTOMS of an artificially induced MS LIKE disorder. Something that acts sorta similar doesn’t work. Lots can be learned for neuro science and generalized stem cell research, and the poor sacrificial mice will have their torments documented. I am sorry Grandfather, but it is not gonna cure MS no matter who I vote, or don’t vote for.


  2. argylesock says:

    I see that you often blog about MS. Do you have it? I do – Relapsing and Remitting. Usually avoid discussing that on WP but it’s no secret that I’m also on LiveJournal where I run


    • You are very observant. RR has morphed into secondary progressive. Do hope you are more remitting than relapsing. I wish NO flares for you. Will soon check out your friendly crips. Unless LiveJopurnal is like facebook and I have to “join”. Thank you for reading the clues and also the link — Bear


    • Your LJ family DOES seem nice. Thank you, so much, for inviting me over. I wanted to but right in a join the conversation, here and there! Clothing adjustment problems, for example, that I know others and/or I have already found working solutions for. However, as I have had to unsubscribe from some, nay, all, of special interest lists, over the years, because they all begin to consume too much time/interest/attention that the various “special interest” require to remain, ummm, active. Or for me to do actual research rather than chatting, except when the list was part of the project or research, itself. The Florida Home Education Law Group is the only list I still belong to. And one off the net/grid (google can’t find us) MS group. Any way, may I lurk, sometimes? Do you and your friends mind the odd (me) lurker? —- Bear


      • argylesock says:

        Lurk away! Others do… if you ever want to comment there, I think you’ll need an LJ account (available free) and if you want to start a new thread, you’ll need to join the comm.

        I hear you on the aspect of having your life eaten! I’m on Twitter as DrSamMason but haven’t yet found a way to make it work for me instead of swamping me in people’s, er, twittering.



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