John Anderson —- Swingin’ —- Seminole Wind

John Anderson   Swingin’


John Anderson   Seminole Wind


8 comments on “John Anderson —- Swingin’ —- Seminole Wind

  1. carinaragno says:

    lil charlotte’s pretty as the angels when they sing … 🙂 love this song
    miss the golden oldie country stations


    • Don’t you have radio in your area? What part of US are you in? Where you can get veal and/or lamb at a farmer’s market, but not 20 year old songs on radio? I don’t use a radio, nor do I have one in my car, but when I ride with my husband, in his monster sized truck, he always has the country/western station on. There are also satellite TV stations that are dedicated to various genre. I haven’t watched TV, in years, either, but Dear Husband watches RFD, almost exclusively, when he does watch. RFD = the postal designation for rural deliveries before zip codes.


      • carinaragno says:

        no, radio has no oldie stations for country. there is one for like 50s and up motown style oldies, i don’t have tv or satellite, just wifi.

        our area does have satellite and cable tv am just not buying it, haven’t even bothered with rabbit ears. the only thing i miss is soccer at espn, etc.


        • The station DH (Dear Husband) listens to has a mix of old, older, and new, newer. Dunno about TV tech. Cable, wifi, etc. I used to try to catch the
          weather years ago, but of course satellite is useless with a cloud cover. I did see 9/11 unfold while trying to view the weather report. I haven’t watched TV in at least 6 years. I mostly avoid the room where it is. I suppose I am a snobbish sort of hermit. Oooo. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Sometimes I can’t help but see or hear something as I pass through, and I’m unable to (just don’t) stop myself from making fun of the TV idiots. Unfortunately DH feels that I am mocking his taste, so I mostly don’t even pass through that room when the idiot box is on. DH only watches an hour or two per day. Not a hardship for me to avoid.


      • carinaragno says:

        i can’t get lamb unless at auction and buy it live. i can get veal at farm markets yes


        • Nearest farmer’s market is 40 miles away, and only has vegetables. Flea market in a different direction and has vegetables + local honey, cane syrup, no meats. There are live animals intended to be pets with pet price tags. There are local (sort of local) butchers, where folk buy in bulk. Just not me. In fact I very very seldom buy any meats, anywhere, and haven’t looked for them. The meat we do eat mostly comes from right here. DH makes an outstanding venison sausage, for variety, from deer he raises himself. The St. Mary’s River is still pristine, and the fish DH catches are good. We have been blessed in many ways.


          • carinaragno says:

            that’s cool :). used to grow my own beef but can’t afford to without growing your own corn these days. never butchered one myself but i have chickens and deer. i don’t hunt though so i rely on the kindness of others for venison.



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