Masqua's Art

When the light of reason fails
And the darkness of fear wins
Angels fall
And demons rise
In my mind.


In the absence of light
Questions rage, seeking anchors
Probing corners
With senses deprived
Of my mind.


In twilight is revealed the truth
To be found in such discomforts
Accepting both
Yet denying either
To my mind.

I am the flower of the field and the lily of the valleys. I am the mother of fair love and of fear and of knowledge and of only hope…. I am the mediator of the elements, making one to agree with another; that which is warm I make cold and the reverse, and that which is hard I soften…. I am the law in the priest and the word in the prophet and the counsel in the wise. I will kill and I will make to live and there is…

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