5/24— 8.3 in Sea of Okhotsk– Widely felt —Foreshocks and Aftershocks —Kamkatchka very active during the last week

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“On Friday, an earthquake occurred in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in Russia’s Far East coast. The quake of magnitude 8.2 was felt in the Far East, Siberia, and even in Moscow. Experts warned of aftershocks, one has already occurred. In the Far East, panic breaks out among the population.

Aftershocks of the earthquake that has rocked the Far East, Moscow and several cities of the European part of Russia on Friday morning, have reached the strength of 2, divided by seismologists. An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 had occurred on Friday in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

The epicenter was at a depth of 600 kilometers. Scientists believe that small tremors were felt on a very large area, because the earthquake had great strength and the epicenter was very deep. http://german.ruvr.ru/2013_05_24/Fernost-Erdbeben-war-noch-in-Moska…   ”


This USGS shows 8.2, previously it was 8.3 (see below) There are still strong aftershocks above 6. happening, and many 6 and above quakes in and near Kamkatchka  in the last week … and probably continuing


For updates, maps, and technical information, see: Event Page or USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

National Earthquake Information Center U.S. Geological Survey http://earthquake.usgs.gov/regional/neic/

M8.3  – Sea of Okhotsk 2013-05-24 05:44:49 UTC



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