Caribbean island of St. Lucia observes Indian Arrival Day

Repeating Islands


St. Lucia, a tiny island nation of 176,000 people in the eastern Caribbean, held its first Indian Arrival Day programme to commemorate the arrival of the first group of Indian indentured workers over a century and a half ago, as Shubba Singh reports in this article for India News.

It was the first time that a function had been held to celebrate the arrival of Indians in St Lucia. The function included a presentation depicting events associated with Indian life and a lecture on the Indian immigrants in St Lucia.

Leonard Surage, one of the founders of the newly-formed association – The Indian Diaspora of St. Lucia – described the event as its “inaugural Arrival Day activity”. It was held at the Folk Research Centre, an NGO mandated for promotion and research in St Lucian culture. The commemorative function was attended by historians and people of Indian ancestry, with…

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